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Free Internet virus protection and Malware tool.

Updated on July 5, 2011

Internet Security program. AVG FREE

AVg Free is an anti virus program that offers basic protection and does an awesome Job at what it does. It does full scans of your system and finds all kinds of things that are undesirable. When you install, run a full scan after your first update and watch what it does. Now depending on the size of your system and how many files you have stored it can take up to an hour or less, and even a couple of hours. I have used this on friends systems and have found anywhere from 1 to 2 infection up to 800 infections.. This is an amazing program at the cost of nothing to you.Once you have ran a scan and get results you can view results and it should give you the option of removing and healing. It also sets up a virus vault and blocks anything that is a threat to your system through an email or website. Work nicely...

Here is where it can be found. download the free version.

Doesn't hurt your system to have both Malwarebytes and avg on It. Avg is you internet defender for viruses and malwarebytes is a system tool for getting certain things that may already be on your system..

Example of Programs Apperance

Malware Bytes

This is an amazing program that I have found vary useful. I have helped many friends clean up their system and handle issues that they were having. Mal-ware bytes is a program that you can download for free. It also has an amazing database that is updated often and each time you use the program you can update. What that means is, that the more viruses or programs that the database is aware of the program when it scans your computer, will be able to detect or find and heal any infections.

Here is where you can download free version. Please come back to leave comment after you get your results or to ask questions.


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