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Introducing the Google Nexus One

Updated on January 31, 2015


Introducing the Google Nexus One

These days smart phones are awesome technological pieces as it brings convenience and easy ways in accessingeven the Internet. Technology just keeps on progressing every time and the last one coming out outdo always the latest. The Google Nexus One is a smart phone and comes with the Android operating system. 

Have you heard of the Google Nexus One yet? My sister got one and she is using it now. this device was released only last month January 5, 2010 to be exact. You must be wondering what is this new product all about. It seems cool isn’t it, it has google on it. It is a smart phone form GOOGLE and one of the features includes transcribing of voice to text plus dual microphones (which is noise canceling) and voice directions when you drive.

Availability and Pricing of the Google Nexus One

At the moment it is available here in the US and it will be launched in Europe on Spring in this year -- 2010. it is sold via Googles website. In the US, it is available on a subsidized 179 USD when you purchased it with AT and T and it comes with a two year contract. There are also available plans for a subsidized phones almost 70 USD per month rate -- it includes almost 500 mins on unlimited nights and during weekends and email use is unlimited too. One of plans include almost 1000 mins. with unlimited nights and weekends plus no limit emailing for almost 80 USD. Phones which are not subsidized have no limitations.

About the Google Nexus One

It is an Android phone meaning its operating system is Android (which was acquired by Google) in 2007. It used a modified version of the Linux kernel and it allows developers to write and managed code in the language of Java and it can control the device by Google developed libraries of Java.

Features of the Google Nexus One

  1. It was manufactured by a Tawainese company but it was designed and branded by Google.
  2. Its operating system is Android.
  3. The introductory price is 529 USD with a tywo year contract
  4. The capacity of the battery is awesome, up to 290 hours on standby, talk time of up to ten hours and five hours of browsing,
  5. Capacity is 4GB and can be expanded to 32 GB
  6. It has a trackball, touch screen display headset controllers camera with video and compass as well
  7. It has ambient light sensors
  8. It is unlocked and available to any network provider


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    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      H'mm, I wonder when will the Nexus ever come over to the UK? Here's hoping!!!!...