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Introduction to Word Processor

Updated on November 14, 2010

Word processing is one of the most popular software for creating letters, project reports, articles in newspaper and many office and home application. Word processing is the use of a Computer to enter, store and manipulate text and finally print the created document. Word processing allows the users to.

1.       Create an original document by entering new text and saving it as a file

2.       Edit or revise the document

3.       Format document to enhance the appearance of text

4.       Print the final document

Word processing forms

·         Pen and paper

·         Type writer

·         Fax machine

·         Computer with word processing software

Example of word processing application

Text editor – word processor, desktop publishing, graphic software

Example of word processor: Microsoft word, word perfect, word star, sun office

Features of word processor

·         Typing a text

·         Editing

·         Formatting characters, paragraphs and pages

·         Word wrap

·         Online dictionary

·         Mail merge

·         Printing and many more

The keyboard

The keyboard is used to enter character based inputs and issue command. The keyboard is organized into the following sections

Function keys: use to issue a special function and commands like F5 when you want full screen power view show

Alpha-Numeric Keys – are the normal typewriter keys for composing words and numeric figures

Numeric – key pad – Used for entering figures, it is also has insert, overwrite, INS, and Num lock key modes

Cursor movement Keys

Allows one to move the cursor to the next or previous one character, It moves the cursor up and down a line using the up and down arrow keys. It moves the cursor at the beginning or at the end of a line, page or document home, end keys

Starting Microsoft Word

1.       Start Ms word by clicking on start> programs>Microsoft Office> which takes you to the ms word window

2.       Start ms word by clicking on start> run and type WinWord then click ok

3.       Click on the Microsoft office and select Microsoft Word and click ok

4.       You can also open Microsoft word from already saved file in Microsoft word application


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