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IoT, the Next Big Thing

Updated on March 16, 2016


Did you know the next big thing in the world of internet is going to be IoT , Internet of things. So do you know what are the things which can be connected to internet ? The answer is almost everything. Some name it as Machine 2 Machine (M2M) communication because machines will be able to fetch or send each other’s by the using the IoT, (Internet of Things) . It means machine will talk to each other. And how exactly they are going to talk each other ? Through Internet. Will they understand each other ? Yes , because there are many extraordinary human brains working on it . Imagine you are sitting at your office-desktop and suddenly you realized that you forget to turn off your AC . If it had happened today you couldn’t do anything about it but in recent future you will when the things will connect through internet.

Like there are smart phone, Smart TV with VR Headset now, in some days there will be smart ACs , Smart cars, Smart Generators and many more. If these things are going to connect through internet then you can also control the machine from any other corner of the world if you connect through internet. You will also be able to tell your micro oven what to cook before leaving your office. You can set up your AC temperature before reaching your home. You will also be able to watch over your wife while you are on a office trip or private trip. Actually these are just few applications what are you seeing now but there are many more applications. Like you are not gonna miss out your kids ,dogs , books, keys ,cycle , car or any other expensive items by using a tag. It’s called the radio frequency identification (RFID) tag.

If you put this in your pets collar you will never have to worry again, because you will have all the information of the location of your pet and what places he is going. Some of the companies made the tags with a panic button on it. So when you face any difficulties like when you got stuck somewhere with the thieves or cons or in any disaster, you can just press the panic button and the details will be sent to the police. So in this way you will never have to worry anymore about where to put things ever. Even in Logistics business by putting the RFID tags in the vehicles you will get to know every information of your shipment and according to that you will get things delivered at your doorstep exactly on time. So IoT, Internet of things going to bring us a lot new future.Just wait for it.


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