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IPhone 10 Reviews: How Good Is IPhone X?

Updated on November 17, 2017
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Gaurav Verma is a creative an Automobile Engineer also a creative Technical writer.

iPhone 10 Product Review

iPhone 10 is my favorite iphone ever and there's no doubt that in the history of iphones this thing is iconic. It's more modern it finally feels like a new iPhone that's a big part of why I like it so much but that's also the source for a few sore spots. There's a learning curve to this phone, unlike any other iPhone you see. Every other iPhone ever has just been home button rectangle screen rounded corners pretty much the same thing you note, you're getting yourself into you know exactly how to use it and if there's going to be one big new feature every year it takes you two seconds to learn it and you're good. iPhone 10 is different, with this phone there are maybe three or four big fundamental changes to the way you use the phone. Now it's very clearly still an iPhone, you still mostly know how to use it but there are a couple things that are different that you'll have to get used to.

So on the outside is the shape we're used to the rectangle with rounded corners but this is the first time the display itself actually has curved corners and it's pushed right up to the edges of the phone or at least closer than they've ever been. The commercials make it seem a little more dramatic than it actually is but, "hey it's 2017", phones have small bezels that's just the way they are now so in that way the iPhone catches up and it pushes everything to the corners and keeps all the front-facing sensors in the notch that's forsaken not at the top. It's actually not that big of a deal but we'll get into that soon just holding the phone though it feels great. I think it's an awesome size but if there were a bigger iPhone 10 plus I would totally get that right now. Despite the larger display the 10 is definitely closer to feeling like an iPhone 8 then an 8 plus, it still feels like a smaller phone compared to the others I've used and also thanks to the stainless steel sides it's definitely slippery and it's definitely going to slide out of your pocket at least once. It happens to the best of them and it's crazy. The silver, it's so shiny and honestly, we all know your phone is never going to look as good as it does fresh out the box.

IPhone X
IPhone X

Unlike the more matte finish of the previous iPhone, I'm not convinced with the super shiny finish on the iPhones rails, it definitely gets chipped and scratched you probably already know I usually go for a matte black skin here which not gonna lie still looks pretty good but deep brands got something new for the 10.

Overall it's a pretty complete hardware package as you'd expect from a thousand-dollar smartphone. You know it's the speaker's even though they aren't front-facing is still pretty good. It's water-resistant which gives you some nice peace of mind, it has wireless charging, it's no headphone jack. Welcome to 2017 but overall it's well considered and well put together is it now officially the most breakable iPhone ever thanks to having glass on the back. The one part of the hardware of this phone I actually really don't like is the camera bump but not just for the usual reason like rocking on a table. I've just kind of accepted that at this point but because of the new orientation a couple times I've noticed it's easy to accidentally get your finger in the photo or video you're taking just cuz it's all up in the corner it might take a couple days to get used to that and stop getting your finger and the corner of your shots. But what's really become the signature feature of the iPhone 10 is that notch up at the top of the display and there are two camps with this. Number one is I hate it it's ugly I wish it wasn't there. Number two is I actually don't notice it anymore and just like with the essential phone I tend to fall more in camp number two when you want to make a 2017 phone and you want to shrink the bezels you still have to put all the front-facing sensors, all of the cameras and the IR blaster and the depth sensor you have to put that somewhere in 2017. Some manufacturers keep a smaller traditional bezel to house it, some try to go no top bezel and put everything in the chin so I'm trying to minimize all the bezels and use a sort of a cutout notch. Apple has decided to go with a notch and I don't mind it, in fact, I literally don't even think about it anymore in everyday use.


Now obviously when you're focusing on it here as I'm talking about it and highlighting it. It's really obvious you know the unibrow at the top it kind of just becomes a part of this iPhone tens character but you're never really looking at it during normal use like flipping through apps scrolling through Twitter, Instagram whatever it disappears pretty quick. Now not everybody feels this way clearly like "oh I've seen all the clever like hiding the notch stuff, all the apps and the wallpapers", and that I get that but because this is Apple and because they're stubborn and will never admit that any of their solutions are anything other than perfect they've come up with the opposite solution which embraces the notch. So in all their software and all the software they'll promote is apps that wrap right around that notch and fill up the whole display that's what an optimized iPhone 10 app looks like. Since this is a taller aspect ratio apps will have to get updated. To do this developer will have to get on their horse and actually put in the work and update their apps to get them to fill up. The display like this and to be fair most of the big-name apps are already upgrading and embracing the notch like apple wants but there are still plenty that hasn't updated yet and they'll be obvious when you see them because they'll have these big bezels up at the top and the bottom kind of like you're using them on an iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 10 also has some slightly new cameras. Same exact sensors for both cameras as the iPhone 8 plus but slightly better glass and now both are optically stabilized. So this is gonna get you some meaningfully better performance with the 2x telephoto lens and zoomed in photos and zoomed in videos, things like that which is good to see because I avoided using it with previous iPhones and as you'd expect photos from the iPhone 10 look awesome. I'm especially happy with how much dynamic range we're getting HDR, on previous iPhone cameras used to be a lot less aggressive and I kept asking over and over for a little more. It's not as good as the pixel two's camera. Just gonna say that right up front but this is a top 5 smartphone camera.

Now you may have noticed we've made it all this way into an iPhone review without talking about any of the specs. So iPhone 10 is rocking the a11 Bionic chip and 3 gigs of ram and it's awesome in fact it's really really good. I would say this is the most powerful mobile chipset in any smartphone right now. The benchmarks are insane but this isn't for iOS this is for all the things that run on top of iOS. The apps, the image processing, the super slow-motion video. All of that stuff at iOS is still iOS as you know I mean it obviously feels more modern because of all the swiping and the gestures now but as far as functionality it has all the same stuff and features. The battery life on the iPhone 10 has turned out to be pretty great close to the iPhone 8 plus. I would say again iPhone is a champ of standby time and it always has been so no problems there and it handles the biggest iPhone display ever pretty well. Thanks to it being an OLED I haven't had any problems getting to the end of a single day with full use if you want to use that screen on time metric it's usually around 6 hours.

iPhone 10 by far, I really like it. Is it worth $1000? Honestly, I don't think people spending the money on this phone will be disappointed. Now that's not to say this thing is perfect, it clearly still also has its downsides. You know the fact that it's all glass on the back are more breakable that's a downside, the notch on the front for a lot of people that's a downside. No headphone jack still a downside but those are all things that I think people who are buying this phone are already used to or were expecting and for that reason, it's not a deal-breaker in 2017.

So I'm happy to be carrying this phone. So if you were thinking about going out and getting this phone go ahead I think you'll like it too.

iPhone X

Apple iPhone X, GSM Unlocked 5.8", 256 GB - Space Gray
Apple iPhone X, GSM Unlocked 5.8", 256 GB - Space Gray

Apple iPhone 10

256 GB internal storage

5.8" inches

3 GB ram

Sold by Apple


© 2017 Gaurav Verma


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