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Iphone 5c Replaced Iphone 5

Updated on December 27, 2013

iPhone 5

When the iphone 5 first came out in around September 2012 it was a huge deal.

It was a rival with Galaxy s3 and seemingly maybe even the winner of that duel.

iPhone 5 has a A7 chip better grip, total redesign and features LTE.

Now in 2013 what happened to the once viral iPhone 5.

You may go to an Apple store and never even see and iPhone 5 again. This is all due to iPhone 5c.

It is a newer version of the old iphone that simply replaces the old design with a new one.

iPhone 5 had a longer screen and faster built in software and now includes the full features of ios 7.

Also comes in two different colors, black and white with a silver like back.

iPhone 5c

Now that we've discussed the iPhone 5 it is time to now move on the iPhone 5c. This is basically the same as 5 with a few tweaks. The first and most obvious is the color scheme it comes in many different bright colors.

Well, that's actually 100% the same thing other than color. Everything else is the same as iPhone 5. From the screen to the A7 chip and iOS 7 it has it all. So what happens to all those people who already bought an iPhone 5?

Comparison Chart

iPhone 5
$700 now ?
iPhone 5c
$550 unlocked?
Differences, Color and price

So Where Is The iPhone 5?

Don't worry your totally ok with your iPhone 5. All that happened is that it is now replaced with another design, this may seem crazy but its just a new version. So I believe iPhone 5 is discontinued and now totally replaced with a better iPhone 5c. It's just that now you really cant buy it from stores anymore. Well, I mean maybe you can check a few stores if they still have them, but if you don't have an iPhone 5c or 5s is the way to go now.

You really don't want a iPhone 5 anymore its ok for people who still have it but now even the Apple store carries iPhone 5c. Both feature frequent updates such as software and you can just think of it as an upgraded version with colors and cool cases.


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