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My iPhone 6s Is Sending Multiple of the Same Texts to Android Users- Help!

Updated on July 26, 2016

iphone 6s Plus

Iphone 6s Plus

I have been an iphone person for about six years now. I have never had any problems with my iPhone. My carrier is Sprint, so I am on a program where I get a free upgrade to whatever new iPhone comes on the market. Currently I own the iPhone 6s Plus (the bigger one). During the past couple of days, I was getting feedback from Android users I was sending text messages to stating that they were receiving my text messages 3-5 times in a row. So, I would send them one message and it would pop up 3-5 times. It wasn't happening with iPhone users- just non-iPhone users. I was very frustrated and so I finally called my service provider to help out. If you are having these problems, the below information may help you fix them.

The First Fix

If you are being told that your iPhone is sending multiple messages to other users in a row when you send a message, there are things you can do to make your phone stop. It's annoying for someone else to get multiple of the same messages. Note that this is much less common when you are texting another iPhone user because you're more than likely using iMessage. This is a different type of messaging service.

If you are sending out one text and it's showing up on someone's phone multiple times, the first thing you should do is press your home button key as well as the side key until the apple shows up. Once the apple shows up, your system should turn off. Turn it back on from the side and you'll see the apple appear again and a progression line. Find a person who is willing to accept texts from you to test your phone. See if this fixes the problem. If it does not, move on to the second fix.

Worst Feeling Ever!

The Second Fix

1) Go to your 'Settings' icon and click it.

2) Click on 'General'

3) Scroll to the very bottom

4) Click 'Reset Network Settings'

Your iPhone will let you know when this process is complete.

Next steps:

5) Double click your 'home' button

6) Get rid of the latest apps you've been using by putting your finger on them and sliding up (this closes the programs).

7) Press home button and side button again. Turn back on. Send text and see if you are still getting multiples.

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Third Fix

If you have done the above and you find that you are still sending multiple text messages to Android users, try this step.

1) Go to the Settings icon

2) Click 'Reset Network Settings'

3) Wait for this process to end. Your iphone will tell you when it's complete.

4) Double click home button and slide your finger up so you can close all of your apps.

5) Press the home button and the side button again until the apple shows up. Turn it back on.

6) Try and text someone and ask if they are getting multiple of the same text message from you

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Final Solution

If none of the above three steps work and you are still sending out multiple of the same text message, call your service provider. They will likely try to guide you to do a few things (like the things above). If they don't work, the IT person will more than likely make you reset your iPhone to the original factory settings.

1) You should have wifi on to do this

2) Be sure the iphone is backed up so you don't lose all of your information

3) Go through the process of resetting (your service provider will tell you how to do this). You can do this with or without getting your information back, but if you have a lot of contacts and pictures and other things on your phone, you'll want to choose the 'backup' reboot.

This should fix the problem once and for all. Be sure to test with your Android message buddy to ensure that you are no longer sending multiples of the same text.

If this final fix doesn't work, take your phone into a local provider store and let them know what's going on. They will likely switch out your phone.

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Other Tips

1) Try and do all resetting with wifi on, it's easier and quicker

2) Don't hesitate to call your provider, that's what they are there for

3) The reason this might be happening and you have to go to the extreme of setting your phone back to factory settings is normally due to a corruption in your messaging process. Be careful what you back up if this is the case- you might want to choose a date when you weren't having this issue yet.

Good luck, and don't get too frustrated! There will be some kind of fix for your phone and you'll be back in the texting business in no time! :)


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    • lyoness913 profile image

      Summer LeBlanc 16 months ago from H-Town

      It's all fixed, thanks! I never had a problem before either!

    • profile image

      Jennet 16 months ago from Nevada

      I have the same phone as you, no problems... What's going on? Maybe I could help.