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Jetpack Joyride Review

Updated on October 1, 2015
The Odd Spartan profile image

Christopher Rago has been writing articles on HubPages and personal blog for 5 years. Attends Full Sail University for Media communications.

The games keep comin'

Since the birth of the App Store three years ago, games have always been the mainstay reason to want to own an "i" device in many people. The simple, visually stunning works of art you manipulate with your finger are time wasters we can't put down. Fun and convenience are the formula for a great game. These testaments to humanities imagination are much more than just a game..

Among the endless time wasters is a game called Jetpack Joyride. A side-scrolling, upwards and downwards thrusting little game that is very simple to pick up and play, and keep playing for a while. Is it for everyone though? And how many real coins will it cost you? Give a high-five to ten scientist and read on.

The team that is Halfbrick did a very nice job on this one. It has a retro feel and look but with a pace akin to today's modern games (very hand eye coordination heavy). The colors and sounds are perfect in matching what you are experiencing on screen.

The game basically has you start on a jetpack that can essentially be upgraded allowing you to buy better ones. You simply tap anywhere on the screen and you'll see your avatar fly. Let go and he falls. Simple premise but a hard to master one. Deadly electricity traps get in the way of coins, distance traveled and vehicles. Vehicles are the best part about the game. They are these things you ride on that not only slow you down for a while, but also helps you avoid traps better, in a fair and balanced way mind you. For instance there is the lil' stomper, a mech-like outfit that runs and jumps through the air, and also has boosters of its own.

There are many interesting and badass vehicles to activate. You get a random one every time you activate the vehicle icon by flying into it. My favorite has to be Mr. Cuddles though. He's a giant mechanical fire-breathing dragon that swims through the air, flying downwards when touched. The animations and artwork for all of the vehicles bring a smile to your face you won't want to get rid of.

The distance boost prize. Starting a new game allows me for a short time to travel pretty far, very fast, while invincible.
The distance boost prize. Starting a new game allows me for a short time to travel pretty far, very fast, while invincible.

Pull that lever!

Above is a prize you can get via the slot machine you get to use after you die. You collect spin tokens while jetpacking through your run and they can be used to spin the slot machine and possibly get a prize. Prizes range from a distance boost the next time you play, an extra life so you can continue jetpacking, explosions to blast your dead body further, more coins and more.

Coins are what you collect throughout your jetpacking travels and you use them to buy things like new jetpacks, clothing for your avatar, upgrading equipment and more. Collecting coins, spinning tokens, dodging death traps all happen while trying to get as far as you can.

Achievements and challenges get you stars which level you up. You can compare your scores to your friends or the all time leader boards.


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Machine gun jetpackThe teleporter vehicle
Machine gun jetpack
Machine gun jetpack
The teleporter vehicle
The teleporter vehicle

Most people can easily pick this game up and figure out what you need to do. It's definitely kid friendly all the way to the oldest person. As for the price, it's something you don't need to worry about. .99 cents will get you the game and all the latest updates and additions.

Don't hesitate buying and playing this one. It will keep you hooked for hours and honestly isn't that what you want? This game has my official recommendation. Thanks Halfbrick.

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    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 5 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Thats good to hear, now every one with an iPhone is without excuse!

    • Ace609 profile image

      Ace609 5 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Weird how I just downloaded this game the other day and love it. So when I saw that you reviewed it I just had to read it. I wholeheartedly agree with you that this game is awesome. It became free the other day too, which makes it even more sweet! Thumbs Up/Beautiful

      P.S - Mr. Cuddles is my favorite too!

    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Thanks! And It's only 99 pennies. Very well worth it.

    • sandarya profile image

      sandarya 6 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Nice and interesting game, is it free on appstore?

      you have great hubs following you.

    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Not a problem. Thanks for reading it!

    • johncimble profile image

      johncimble 6 years ago from Bangkok

      interesting!! thanks for sharing :)