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Iphone Ifan or Android Geek

Updated on November 30, 2016

Everything about em

Alright so first has to be "Ease of Access"

When I talk about ease of access, I mean the ability to bypass the lock screen and enter the phone quickly. Now, Samsung users will hate me for this, but eve they know it, and it's the fact that Iphone has always won in this category. On older models, it was the simple 4 digit pass-code. Now, it's the quick fingerprint scanner or the 4-digit code, both options making it fast and easy to enter the phone. Now on most androids, it's a face scanner, shape code, or digit code, but the speed on those things isn't all that great.

Let's jump to the quality

For this we will look at the Iphone 7 and Samsung Galaxy s7. Both of these phones are beautiful. That's for sure. Bot of them have eye-catching designs and smoothness that wants us to buy the phone as soon as we hold them. However, starting it up will give you a different feel. The Iphone is well, simple. It runs smooth, rarely lags and has one of the most amazing screens yet. Its just too good to put down. Looking at Samsung, and many people will disagree, but it just isn't as good quality wise. It lags often, even with no apps installed. It's smooth but doesn't give you the same feeling an iphone gives you. So, Iphone wins this category.

Now the camera and this one's hard

When talking about the camera it can get troublesome. To some people Samsung has the better one, but to others it's the Iphone that wins. Now in every topic there will be those people, but in this case, this win will be opinionated more than it should. Mainly because to some, the pictures look better on one than the other because of the way they see things and prefer to see things. Let me explain, in the above topic a lag is a lag. If a phone lags more, than it's a FACT that the quality isn't as good. but for the camera, there isn't a clear winner. Anyways, to the camera. In low light situations, the Iphone gives off more vibrant light and adds color to the things originally dark. It does it very well in many situations and has better colors. The Iphone though, is bright. It gives off a positive vibe a little better than Iphone. In zoomed situations, Iphone wins hands down. When zooming in on objects, it projects them more clearly and the colors are beautiful. Now when objects are nearby, Samsung wins. The Iphone gives off some sort of fuzz on objects when they are near the camera. In this category, it's a tie.

Ok so on to the features

In this case I'm just gonna say it first. Samsung wins. Now hear me out. In general, most android phones have more features. Like I said, the Iphone is loved because of it's simplicity not it's ability to be used for so so many things. Now I didn't say the layout of these features is the best, but for the amount, Samsung wins without competition. Let's just see some of these features. First, you can change the resolution on the phone. If your using it at night, you can lower the QUALITY, not brightness, but quality of the phone. Also, and this one is on most androids but not an iphone, and the Samsung has the customization side locked in it's side. The amount of different styles and features to make the phone your own is unbelievable. So, Samsung wins this one

Alright now it's call quality

Most people notice the smallest differences when talking to someone else on the phone. In the past, it was a sort of draw because either Iphone won or android won depending on the year. It always switched up. Now in 2016, I feel that call quality depends on the service you get, but testing both with the same service and areas, Samsung wins. The Iphone has a clear sound and gives very positive feedback, but the Samsung just does it a little bit better. So for this, Samsung wins.


Both phones are beautiful I don't argue that, but you would look and say welllllll, the Iphone looks better. Considering the fact that Iphones have a knack for being simple, the design just puts in all those simple features and buttons and makes the phone itslef look...simple. It has the smoothness, the lack of misplaced buttons and weird placing of buttons, and the camera is small yet noticeable enough for people to feel it and go " wow even that's smooth". The aluminum on the back allows for barely any fingerprints rather then Samsung's direction of going glass. It all comes back to the smoothness though. The Iphone feels smooth in all situations. A cold day, a hot day, a freezing day, a windy day. It's always just, smooth. That feeling then transfers onto your head and allows you to enjoy the look of the phone. The more you feel it the more you look at it and the more you get attracted to it. So, Iphone wins this one.


Taking into account that just the looks of the phone can persuade someone to choose one phone over the other, this topic has always been a little wobbly. In my case, The Iphone wins. In general, the amount of features, quality, and smoothness of the phone do better for the general public. It gives a very refreshing experience and never ceases to disappoint. Looking at it from different perspectives you would get a different answer. Samsung wins for business people. The feel of the phone and the features just have a way of getting into business men and women's hands. For tech experts, most say Samsung wins. Again, those features come in. To experts, they like more. So more features just causes them to give in to Samsung. Overall in my opinion, Iphone wins.

What's your choice! Iphone 7 or Galaxy s7?

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Some Quick Differences

Iphone 7
Samsung s7


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