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Is ACN High Speed Internet a Scam? No... It’s Just Garbage

Updated on June 24, 2010
This is the frustration level you will feel with ACN.
This is the frustration level you will feel with ACN.

These people look legit

To cut to the chase, ACN “high speed” internet could be defined by many as a scam. This is if your definition of scam is a sub-standard service being sold at a standard price.

Now that the meat of my still unfounded argument is out of the way I’d like to tell a little antipodal story to give you some indication of how much ACN sucks. I don’t have a bone to pick with this company at all. Turtle-speed internet, sweat shops and third-rate technology however, really gets under my hide.

A friend of mine told me on one occasion that he got himself an internet package through one of his cousins. Thinking that this cousin of his probably works for a legit company such as Bell or Cogeco, (who dominate as ISPs where I live in Canada) I didn’t give it much thought.

However when I came over his house one day I was a little perplexed by the sight of a cheap-looking white modem with ACN ascribed along the top. You see, I had no idea this company existed.

My friend isn’t very tech savvy (or savvy in general) so I made an attempt to help him hook up his ACN internet. This process soon created the most unstable, crawlingly-slow connection of all time; and that is being generous. Of course there can sometimes be kinks with tech issues so there was some glimmer of hope that the speed would improve once my friend gave the “competent” staff at ACN a jingle. I left him with the loose ends. There was some detective work for me to do.

A quick Web search and a little critical thinking can help you dodge scams, cults and all kinds of nasty stuff. Still I wonder why some manage to get sucked into the vortex of high-pressure sales. In short, ACN merely resells telecommunication services. Along the way you can bet they are shaving bandwidth. How else could this middleman be raking in the cash? Another thing that happens along the way is the very person selling it does tons of leg work but ultimately loses money doing it. Imagine paying your employer every day to work for him or her to save yourself the boring details.

If you want to save some time (and aggravation) in life look out for the phrase “MLM” or “multi-level marketing”, then ignore everything it’s attached to. This should soon mean “This snippet of communication is irrelevant. It is automatically crap.” You see, MLM is the domain of poor people with absolutely no business sense. They seek out job opportunities and profits yet only manage to uncover something brown (and stinky) placed on a stick.

I have to admit the whole ordeal made me a little misty. My friend did manage to get better speeds, however if he ever wanted to break that one year contact it would cost him roughly $100. It kills me a little, dealing with the fact my friend is plodding around online as I whoosh by (for a year or longer), all to avoid this criminal clause.

To conclude this admitted not very informative yet fabulously entertaining rant, I recommend that you stay far away from ACN. Internet speed aside, the fact that they are enslaving unsuspecting and easy prey makes them unethical enough to shake your fist at. While you shake your fist at ACN take a minute out for Donald Trump who is unscrupulously pushing this company well-aware that it’s an idiot-bait pyramid scheme.

To find out what internet services are good in your area, ask your geekiest friend, or better yet test the internet speeds at your friend’s places. Download some inappropriate material via web browser and note the KB per second.

Signing off,
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    • profile image

      Fuck ACN 2 years ago

      Terrible service, 10Mbps? more like 1/2Mbps

    • profile image

      JameaZ 4 years ago

      Everyday with acn internet we always got above 5 times getting disconnected and if it has internet its too slow as not working even my mom get pissed off when shes getting her online test and the internet got disconnected she never get a retest on it

    • profile image

      hubup 6 years ago

      I get less than 1Mbps on this shit service. its advertised 6Mbps!

    • profile image

      rob bricks 6 years ago

      when doing acn in order to get paid you have to get qualified every month.your residuals are based on your customers monthly bills.remember if customer cancels even on 28th day u don't get paid on that customer.1 to 2 percent.the last time i heard that the video phone was there bread and butter.

    • profile image

      rob 6 years ago

      the first time acn energy came out they told the people that there bills energy bill would be cheaper and you only get billed 1 bill from acn energy.instead every one i signed up got a bill from PG&E and acn.customers bills went sky high through the roof.its nice to get paid 7 levels but the chance of reaching those levels are slim.

    • profile image

      rob 6 years ago

      acn internet is 4g/3g 45 bucks a month.and it looks like they are getting onto energy again

    • Lenny Rinen profile image

      Lenny Rinen 6 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      hi, what a coincidence i am an acn network marketer two years ago from new zealand. i can say no they are not a scam but yes their marketing strategy is not for a lot of us. let us say i initially earned $700 from the bonus recruit points and a lot of accolade and spends around $2,000 so they profit a lot from us and its hard to earn from their strategy, but its cool at least i learned from seminars and made friends with awesome people

      , it was fun but i am sorry i am not earning so i stopped.

    • profile image

      Steve 6 years ago

      ACN is not a scam, internet is pretty shit, video phone is ok. But I make TONS off energy. Think what you want people, theres a reason why network marketing has created the most millionaires..

    • profile image

      To all stupid ppl 6 years ago

      ACN is the most caddish scam scheme invented. Don't fall for it or you will look like a lunatic idiot.

    • profile image

      Rich 7 years ago

      Another example of someone who has to put down the action of others, so that he can justify, to himself, the failures that he did not learn from in life. Wake up, pal.

    • profile image

      HunterX 7 years ago

      ACN is a way to corrupt your relations with your friends and relatives by making you look cheap.

      Since the company is using you to market their product, an ingenious scheme where the service provider is not to blame but the person who suggested it is.

      As soandso said: MBs vs mbs, the later is about 8 times slower. A common scheme used by ISP to rip off non-tech-savy people in un-developed countries.

    • profile image

      Soandso 7 years ago

      I agree completely with this rant! I don't know people get sucked into this MLM crap. A friend of mine recently got lured in and is trying to recruit everyone and if that fails, tries to sell their crappy products.

      To "ACN Kick your ass !" You must be a shining example of ACN representatives. I don't know if you should be reselling internet though... It doesn't seem like you know if their internet is 5MBs or 5mbs per second.

      I would stick to real ISP / Phone / Cable provider.

    • profile image

      ACN Kick your ass ! 7 years ago

      Hey ! ACN is a legit Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

      ITs not scam !

      You are to young to hunderstand what is a Buisness.

      ACN Internet Speed is 5MB/s and Unlimited Download and Upload. It's not the fastest !

      BUT ! 30$/month Unlimited (5mbs) vs 70$/month 10mbs 60GB ... lol If you Download A lot ! You'll choose lower speed and save 80$ per month ! (10MBS 70$- 5MBS 30$= 50$ + 30$ (download charge permonth) )

      Acn is in 21 contry and counting and are alerady biger than Bell !

      Please Read before post ***** like that.

      You are a scam !

    • profile image

      Alberto 7 years ago

      You could not possibly be more right. These are rants to live by my friends.

    • profile image

      Rob  7 years ago

      you're a complete idiot,