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Is Amazon Wireless Any Good for Buying New Cell Phones?

Updated on February 12, 2014

Absolutely Yes!

There are many reasons amazon is the king of online shopping. Not only do they offer extremely low prices on almost anything (including cell phones), but they offer cell phones at prices competitors just cant keep up with.

How Amazon Wireless Works

It works like this. You purchase a phone and set up a contract via their website. After you receive your phone and get it set up, you solely deal with your wireless carrier from there on out. There is nothing special about it. You simply purchase the phone from them, at a huge discount, and everything else works through your carrier. It is extremely simple and very helpful for people looking to save money in any way possible. Here is a price comparison.

Price Comparison

Don't let the list price on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 fool you. If you click on the link you will see that with a plan the phone is much much less. That is for one of the newest and hottest selling cell phones on the market. For full retail price without a plan it is much more, but then you are not locked into a contract.

Compare that to Sprints's prices here. Not only is it much more directly from them, but the full retail price is also more. So Amazon Wireless beats Sprint directly in both categories.

More Price Comparisons

Another extremely popular phone is the Droid Maxx. Again you will have to ignore the list price shown and look at the contract price. Again at the Verizon store, this exact same phone will cost you more than on amazon wireless. You can verify the price difference here. A huge price difference when you are attempting to pinch pennies!

Personal Experience with Amazon Wireless

I have personally bought three phones from Amazon Wireless. How it works is, you buy your phone and set up your plan directly through amazon wireless. After you do so you pretty much work with your cell phone company directly after that. Unless the phone breaks within the covered warranty time, then you can get it replaced through Amazon, which has an amazing return policy. However, if you get insurance for your phone in your plan (which I would highly recommend), you simply work with your carrier any time your phone breaks, and they treat it exactly as if you had purchased it through them. Very simple!

Smart Phones for Less

So if you are looking to get the cheapest price around for nearly any smart phone, you should definitely take a look at Amazon Wireless. You are almost guaranteed to not find a better price anywhere else, including online or used!

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    • profile image

      CvC10 4 years ago

      I want to buy from, but what does this mean?

      If a new individual or new family account is merged with or replaces a pre-existing account.

      I found it under their instant dicount policy

    • Jake4102 profile image

      Jacob Smiley 4 years ago from Nebraska USA

      Actually, I've bought all my phones through Amazon and your warranty information is not correct. I can (and personally have) still walk into any Verizon store with my phone and get it serviced. I've had my phone replaced through Verizon as well. It is not a manufacturer's warranty. It is the same warranty you would get buying it directly from the carrier.

    • profile image

      Raj 4 years ago

      Not really useful. You will get the phone with the contract for about $50 less, but it comes with only one year warranty. If you purchase this from your wireless provider, it comes with two year warranty with your two year contract. When there is a problem with your phone, you can walk into any of your carrier retail locations and hand over the phone for repair. In case of Amazon, it is a manufacturer's warranty, so you have to speak with Samsung and send over your phone to them. Now, tell me, if buying from Amazon is still the best.

    • profile image

      Shawn 5 years ago

      Great Article....Thanks for the feedback

    • profile image

      inway 5 years ago

      useful hub