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Is It Worth Relying On Technology for Aged Care?

Updated on August 17, 2011

Parents are one of the most valuable things in our life and we feel the value of them only when they are not around or when they passes away. After they are gone, we may repent ourselves for not being able to provide the needed care and love for them when they were alive. This is true in majority of the countries and the current lifestyle always tends to ignore the old aged people.

Old aged guys are always like kids as they are always prone to accidents and they always love to be loved by those nearby. They always expect high care from their beloved ones and they feel deeply sad and hurt when they feel that their beloved ones are not at all caring and loving them. The world has grown into such an ugly situation that none of the youngsters dare to give enough due and respect to the elders.

In regions such as Europe and America, the relationship between youngsters and elders are at its worst as most of the elders find themselves isolated from their children and grand children. Most of the elders have to take refuge at any of the age care centres and similar organizations after a particular age. There reason behind this is that the youngsters are too selfish and busy engaged in their personal activities and they hate to spend some time with their parents. The age between 60 to 80 is a range where one feels to be along with their beloved ones, as they start losing much of their capabilities and needs assistance in one form or another.

The not so healthy relationship between the youngsters and the elders in the developed countries is rising rapidly and this really hurts our mind. There are certain friends, who are also in the middle of the same situation. Most of these friends are too busy with their jobs and other personal matter and hence they rarely get time to give enough attention to the elders in their family. Few of these friends try to give other comforts to their parents by offering certain equipment that would help them to some extent.

One of my friend have brought a medical alert system equipment for his aged father so that he could take his medicines on time. He brought a equipment named automated medication dispenser which alerts his father with an alarm at the time when the medications are to be taken. This has actually helped him a lot, as his father usually forgot to take medicine on time resulting in bad health situation. So the youngsters should atleast provide some sort of technological help to their parents, if they themselves do not get the time to do. Such equipment would be helpful both for the youngsters and their parents and they just need to identify which aged care equipment their parents needs most.

In short if we do not have our personal time to spend and take care of the elders in our family, we must atleast get them technological alternatives such as medical alert systems and medication management systems. These equipment would atleast take care of the aged people's health, even though we cannot provide them love and care.


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