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Is PCTools Registry Mechanic the Top Registry Cleaner?

Updated on July 17, 2011

Registry Cleaner Reviews - Registry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic is one of the more common registry repair tools. Registry Mechanic is manufactured by a well known company, PCTools. It's possible for everyone to enjoy the use of Registry Mechanic because it's so user friendly. Positive reviews have helped to push the love of this software.

Throughout this writeup we will take a look at the many properties that Registry Mechanic provides and the reasons why you might like to consider using it. If your computer is getting slower than it used to be when it was new then you might be able to employ registry scanners to your benefit. If your pc is operating at a less than an impressive rate then it could be an effect of the Windows registry, if this is the case then you can use a registry scanner.


Registry Mechanic has a very user friendly interface that makes it all fairly easy to use. There are huge buttons which are really easy to click and move thru the application. You can use this to easily click on anything that you want.

The merger of simplicity and number of features is excellent. The software is ideally modeled for both novices and seasoned professionals. There's no easier way to make your computer quicker other than using registry cleaning software.  To try the Free Scan now take a look at  Registry Mechanic Review There are three options inside the software. These sections are Compact, Optimize and Scan. You can easily employ the use of the application in performing a scan because of this simplicity.


Scanning your registry can make your pc work faster. You can select a fast registry scan or opt for the more detailed and complete scan. It only takes a maximum of about 5 minutes for the complete scan to finish. After the scan has finished there is a list of different errors.

You can either rectify everything on the list or individual points. It's really simple to automatically correct the errors and increase the speed of your PC.


The software possesses its very own backup utility. You must back your pc up before modifying the registry. It's fairly easy for your computer system to stop working when messing with the registry. You can look after your personal computer by ensuring that your computer system is backed up.

Make Your PC Faster

You can use Registry Mechanic to locate all kinds of errors with your registry and correct it. You can use this software to make your personal computer much quicker. It's possible to use this to make your computer work much quicker.


PCTools, the manufacturers of Registry Mechanic is well renowned and has a established reputation. A 30 day guarantee is on offer in case you aren't happy. PC Tools has been unveiling important software for over 10 years.  To try the Free Scan or read a more in depth review see  Registry Mechanic


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