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The Negative Side of Texting

Updated on December 29, 2011

Texting has become the most popular form of communication out there, but it's also fast becoming the most destructive form of communication. People in increasing numbers daily are no longer communicating the old-fashioned way by phone as much as they used to because texting is easier. Did you know there are 4.2 billion texters worldwide? That's a whole lot of texting.

Texting is point blank impersonal, cold and to the point. A lot of times, things can be misinterpreted by just texting a few words. People who aren't sure what they want can definitely use texting to their advantage at work or at play. People are becoming addicted to texting, and if not used properly, it will end your life or your loved one's life behind the wheel.

Texting and Driving

Why do people feel the need to text while driving? Is it really that important? Can something as simple as texting wait until you get to your destination? Is it too much trouble to pull to the side of the road to check your text? The statistics are grim.

  • About 7,000 people die each year from texting.
  • A driver's reaction time will decrease by 35% if they are texting while driving.
  • Steering capability goes down by 91%.
  • The driver is 23% more likely to get into an accident while texting and driving.

This video is one of the most effective ones on the web I've found regarding the dangers of texting while driving.

Texting Addiction

Did you know that according to Nielsen, the average teenager sends 3,339 texts per month? How many of those texts do you think are behind the wheel while driving? How many are sent while in class? Where do students find the time to send 3,339 texts a day? Aren't they supposed to be in school learning or involved in after school activities? Where are the parents while all this texting is going on? Meanwhile, the average young adult (18-24) sends 200 a day and those older send about 10 or 20 a day. Is texting a phase or is it here to stay?

Texting and Relationships

Many people dating these days text instead of simply pick up the phone. It drives many people crazy, especially if you hate texting. A guy can send off the same text message to five girls that he knows are interested in him and all these girls are oblivious to the fact he's sending the same message out to all these other girls.

Texting can also send the wrong message. You may innocently think the person likes you, but if that's the only way he's communicating with you. He never calls you. You never meet up with him and weeks go by, he is more likely addicted to the ego boost he gets from merely texting you and that's it. It's literally a texting addiction for them and you barely know the person on the other end of the text message. It's driving a lot of people, who don't normally text across this country crazy. A lot of people now are refusing to use it when they first meet someone. If someone isn't going to take five minutes out of their day to call them, that's all they need know and this goes for friendships too, not just dating.

Is This Just the Beginning or the End?

Texting is literally becoming a thorn in the side of many Americans. It's overused and overrated, whether it be in relationships or behind the wheel. We can only hope this is a phase and people will eventually wake up to the negative aspects of texting. Losing your life over a text should be reason enough not to drive and text, but people keep on doing it just like they get into a vehicle after having too many beers. Bottom line, before any tragedy, people always assume they can handle it. The truth is they can't and the statistics prove it.


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    • profile image

      vishnu01 6 years ago

      Well said...I'm totally against texting and driving.

      I'm especially supportive of the pledge that Oprah has taken to and encouraged many others to follow suit while also putting it up on her website. Texting and driving kills and we need to educate others on the dangers of this habit. Well written.

    • FalconSays profile image

      Karen S Falcon 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Oh! Part of me feels a little guilty! Then again, I have changed and updated articles based on feedback too. Have an awesome day! xo

    • MissMelissaK profile image

      MissMelissaK 6 years ago from Stuart, Florida

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with what you're saying. It definitely doesn't reflect the joy of texting. That's for sure. My purpose for this article was to address the negative side of texting and the danger of it so I changed the title to reflect it appropriately.

    • FalconSays profile image

      Karen S Falcon 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I voted this hub interesting because I enjoyed reading your point of view. But I wish the article were more balanced. You clearly illustrate where you stand on the subject, but I think your passion against texting comes across as clouding your perception of the joy and benefits of texting too. Isn't 'beginning of the end' a bit pessamistic? Oy