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Is There Spy Software On My Mobile? Here's How You Can Find Out

Updated on June 5, 2016

In the early days, there were no security concerns with mobile phones. Phones at that time were used only to make and receive calls. But, this is not the case now. Today with Smartphones, we do all sort of things like browsing, chatting and online banking, to name a few.

Along with the Smartphones, spy software programs are becoming popular too. They are not just for intelligence agencies and identity theft rings. The spy software industry serves spouses, protective parents and even the bosses.

There are few signs to know if your phone is being monitored or tapped by spy software in some way.

Few signs to detect such apps:

Is your mobile battery getting down faster than usual?

This could be a strong indicator since spy apps hog the mobile battery. Although some latest programs have addressed this issue and do not put strain on the battery, if there is someone spying on you using old software, you can notice sudden deterioration in the duration the battery lasts. .

Are you getting strange and anonymous messages?

If you are getting messages with numbers and meaningless symbols, you need to be alert for someone is spying on you. These messages are usually used to target mobiles.

The remote control feature works by sending such messages and is used to transmit data to and from your mobile to the person spying on you. In some cases, if the software is not installed properly or not working, these messages are sent on your mobile phone.


Does your phone regularly shut down by itself?

A good spy software program may not exhibit this behaviour. However, spy software apps could cause to shut down or restart your phone by itself. If this happens on a regular basis, this could be a hint of a problem. Although, it could also be due to something wrong with your phone rather than a spy app, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. If there is no fault in OS or hardware, spy software could be the reason for this.

Is your data usage increasing or you are getting unusually high bill?

Spy software requires a data connection to transfer data. So if you are shocked to see a large bill, this is a good sign that your phone is infected. However, some apps have the option to send data when connected to Wi-Fi.

Being aware of spy software on your mobile and knowing what it can do, is a good start.


Yes, I am being spied! What to do now?

The methods to remove such software apps range from easy habits to extreme steps like formatting. You don’t need to be technically sound to perform these steps.

There are 2 categories in this: those who have installed the software on someone’s phone or those who have someone spying on them.

If you have installed the software, access Control Panel and website. You will get detailed information to uninstall the software on their website. This can be done remotely by sending some coded messages. This will do the task for you automatically.

If you feel you are being spied on. Read on.

Take a backup first

Before taking any measure to remove spy programs, make sure to take complete backup of the data you want to keep – contacts, images, songs, videos etc.

Factory Reset

This is the most preferred method to remove spy software from your mobile. Even if you are not sure about being spied on, but have a doubt, this will give you some peace of mind.

You can easily do it yourself, since it involves hitting couple of buttons. Procedure is different for each type of phone. A simple Google research will help you with this.

Update your OS

Although updating OS of your mobile will not remove the software but can stop it’s functioning. The update will close all the possible vulnerabilities with each update that you install. In case you are already using the latest version, you can rollback the previous version and reinstall the latest version

Check unfamiliar apps that are installed

Go through your installed apps, if anything looks unfamiliar or not required, simply delete them. If you see terms like stealth, monitor or spy, you need to get alert. Do a Google search and see what it is. You need to take care while removing files, since deleting wrong files can cause serious issues.

This is fast moving trend and technology is on the rise to keep you bothered. So try not to let your mobile out of your sight. If you really think that someone is spying, you need to take strong action.


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