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Is Your Data Safe on Phone - Don't Make your Phone a Diary

Updated on May 21, 2020
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An author and a writer with a different approach to life. Covid 19 can surely check our patience but we will never give up.

Due to the raised dependency of people on mobile phones, people have stopped maintaining personal diaries. There was a time when people used diaries for important things like bank accounts, phone numbers and passwords. These days, the smartphone remains in hand at all times, due to which it is now used to quickly remove any necessary data from the mobile. In such a situation, the habit of keeping a diary has been missed, but while doing this, there is no idea that with the help of apps in the phone, anyone can gawk at your personal information and misuse it.

Eye on Every Activity

There is often a need to download new apps due to increasing dependency on technology. In such a situation, whenever someone downloads a new application in mobile, he gets a notification, which asks him to accept certain conditions for downloading the app. But as soon as we do this, we allow them that as a user experience, they can monitor every activity happening in our phone.

Leaking the Personal Details

A company can use each of our activities as a user experience, but cannot use them incorrectly, yet many such cases are coming forward where someone has taken advantage of the personal details of the customer. The number of such cases in India is continuously increasing in which the personal photos of the girl are tampered with and put on the porn websites. According to the experts, if you send messages, photos, videos and documents from your phone to someone, then these companies have full information about them.

Things to know when Using Mobile Banking

People using mobile banking are the first choice of hackers but such cases can be avoided with vigilance and information. If you are a mobile banking customer, then the public WiFi and free hotspot should never be used for this. Always use the official app. If we use false apps, then the risks of malware increases in the operating system. Always lock your phone using password or pin. Never leave your phone in public places. Always log out after using any app.

Dangers of Social Media

These days, the percentage of people on social media is increasing. Along with sharing mobile photos on social media, every person is also sharing personal information, who is sitting with whom and at what place, which people of the criminal mindset take advantage of. Recently, such a case was discovered where kidnappers traced the location of a businessman's child through social media and kidnapped him. This incident is a lesson, on what to share on social media and what not to?

Alertness is Important

There are many companies in the market that provide such software and service, and the most interesting thing is that, in which mobile the software is installed, users do not even notice it in the phone. Now the question is, how to avoid phone spy in such a situation? If you believe the experts, then there is no complete protection from this, because if you do not download these applications, you will be deprived of many features.

Think for yourself that if you did not give access to your location to the cab application, then will you be able to book a cab for you?
Where on one hand, all these applications give us unlimited facilities, they also keep an eye on our every activity, so do not download the app from any unknown site.

Password Game

It is very easy to spy through the phone nowadays, technology expert can make your phone a spy with just a password. With one password only he can hack your mobile and you will not able to do anything. With the help of this technique, your text messages and your private photos will be accessed by the person. Your every phone call will be attended by him and even when your phone is switched off, he will communicate every conversation near your phone to the other person and that too live, even the person is sitting thousands of kilometres away from you.

Cyber Law

It is also important to know what the law says on this espionage happening through phone? It is illegal under the law if your photo or video is tampered with and shown as pornographic content on the website. It takes Section 67 of the IT Act, in which the convict can be punished for up to 3 years and can also face a fine of Rs.5 lakhs. There is a provision for strict punishment for misusing one's personal details.

Things to keep in Mind

  • Just as the data of smartphones can be hacked through some applications, similarly it can also be avoided through an app.
  • Snoopsnitch app will track IMSI ( International mobile subscriber identity). This app will keep an eye on whether someone is spying on your phone.
  • Recently, security experts had revealed that a big security mistake has occurred due to which the hackers use IMSI catcher or stingrage to make the mobile phone listen to private calls or read messages.
  • The snoop switch app detects IMSI catchers and warns the smartphone users that their personal information is being sent elsewhere from their phones. It scans those signals, which indicate that phone information is being collected from a proper tower.
  • This app works with Android handsets which have the availability of Qualcomm chipset.
  • If you are a WhatsApp user then, you have to take some care while installing it. When you install WhatsApp, it is not confirmed without OTP number. In this case, hackers can hack your WhatsApp account through your OTP number. As the OTP Comes on the phone on SMS and hackers via spyware apps hack the phone through this SMS.
  • Many a times hackers instead of trying to hack your WhatsApp account through SMS, try to hack it through the confirmation call.
  • To avoid this, install a good antivirus on the phone, always lock the phone with a pin or a pattern lock.


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