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Is it Worth to Buy a Chinese Tablet

Updated on March 8, 2012

There are many different tablets on the market. Some of them are very good brands, and some are new products. China is the biggest new player in computer market. It expands it's capabilities and new products can be found. Usually those products are much cheaper that famous brands so many people think about this production. The term "Made in China" sometimes calls associations about cheap but very poor quality production. Is it really so bad? Did you know, that many brands have their factories in China. Is that production poor quality? Well, in my personal opinion, that production is not very poor, but it's quality is average. I am not sure if brand companies have ever thought about their clients. It seems, that everything is about the money. So, personally I do not see a big difference. But remember, there is always one BUT somewhere. If you buy a very cheap production, it's quality may disappoint you. You get the quality proportionally to the amount of money you spend. BUT (again :)) you should not overpay.

Wikipedia | Source

Do you really need a tablet?

Before choosing the best tablet computer to buy, every buyer should answer one question: "Do I really need a tablet computer?". Tablet technology is cutting - edge, usability seems to be fantastic, but there are several moments you should know about. Firstly, the prices of tablet computer should drop down soon. It happens with every new hi-tech device. So, if there is no need for superb mobility, you should wait for prices to drop down to affordable levels. Another reason you should think better is limited software. In all new products this problems appear. Remember the main change in OS market few years ago. When Microsoft firstly introduced Vista, many users who use specific software had problems with running it on Vista. Definitely, the problem is solved now. The same idea goes with the tablet. Sometimes it may have limited software capabilities, so you will not be able to do the work you expect with the tablet. Off course, the users of Apple production will slightly feel the difference. But the other platforms may cause some problems.

It is your choice to buy devices you need or you think you need. But believe me, read very carefully the product specification, capabilities list, feedback and other material you can find. This will help you to make the final decision on buying a tablet computer.

Chinese Tablet
Chinese Tablet | Source

Chinese tablets

The Chinese production, as I have mentioned before, is known for it's poor quality. This opinion is formed because China sells many cheaper versions of popular devices, such as computers, mobile phones and other good stuff. In many cases these product are sold inside the China. When these products appear in other countries, the lack of quality is obvious. So, that is why China's production has such a bad reputation. Despite that, China is capable to manufacture good quality production for outside markets. There are signs of forming a support departments for certain production.

The creation of Android operating system has solved many problems. Android has free software license, so this OS can be used by anybody. The appearance of Android OS was a great event for Chinese manufacturers. Now they can create great devices ant they do not need to care about creating some kind of software. The only problem is to create great hardware and design to meet user's needs. And China is working. You can find many tablets and smartphones on the market that are made in China. In many cases they have lower price and sometimes not very attractive look. But it some cases it is worth buying.

Chinese tablets will fit any person who wants to save some money and do not care about buying brands. But the problem is that Chinese production has very poor support or has no support at all. As I have mentions, China is trying to deal this problem. On the other hand, the warranty on hardware is good. So, if your new tablet will brake, there will be no problems changing it. The problems may appear while dealing with software, but typical user will not encounter these problems often.

So, is it worth buying a Chinese tablet depends on you. These products will help you saving some money. Chinese tablets are 40-50% cheaper comparing to popular brands. The quality of hardware is good. These devices are really worth trying. But I would hardly recommend reading some feedback or other information before making final decision. There are many internet communities that share information and discuss various products, so you should read all the material before buying.


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