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Is it good for MTN-Nigeria to steal from or extort Nigerians?

Updated on May 23, 2012

Some multi-million companies think that they are above the law. That is why some oil companies feel they can degrade our environment and go unpunished even when people and other animals are suffering because of such acts.

My interest here is on the telecommunication provider MTN-Nigeria. The company thinks she is above the law and consequently she steals from Nigerians, especially the poor masses that can not take legal action against the company, and so she goes unpunished. It is likely that wealthy Nigerians are extorted but they will not know it.

The MTN motto says “MTN-where ever you go” but people changed it to “MTN-God punish you where ever you go.” Most Nigerians are aware of such criminal act but they can not do anything to address the situation mostly because Nigeria is still a developing Nation and most citizens do not know their right or they do not have the means of taking legal action.

It is a fact that mistakes do and may occur in business so Nigerians do not expect MTN to be perfect without error but what matters is how such mistakes is handled or resolved. MTN is doing her best to give some benefits to her customers but such benefit will not help the customers when they are not happy or when MTN gives with one hand and take back with another hand just like the devil.

MTN make provision for free Mid-night calls with a minimum of 100 naira but there was a time that customers were charged while making mid-night calls and some of them complained but I do not know how many of them were refunded because I am sure of those that were never refunded till date.

I am writing based on my personal experience with MTN and I made efforts for them to correct their actions but they won’t do it because they think they are above the law. On April 9th 2012, I was still on my Glo-Nigeria monthly bundle data plan but I decided to buy a two hours MTN bundle data plan to enable me send some information before my interview. I was surprise that the plan I bought expired in less than 3 minutes even before I could use it. I thought it was a mistake so I went ahead to connect and I was glad when the pages opened but unfortunately it stopped after 10 minutes. That was when I checked my account balance to realize that my airtime is gone. It means MTN charged me from my call time for the pages I opened while I had already paid for a two hours unrestricted browsing.

I called their customer service and complained and they apologized for the inconveniences it cost me and they promised to do something about it. I agreed and I did not even ask for the refund of my airtime but that they take correction to avoid further occurrence and to give me the bundle data plan I paid for.

I waited for about a week and I did not hear from them so I called back and the person that answered acknowledged that he could see my complain and that he was surprise it has not been treated. He apologized again and said he could not handle it from his end but that he sent the details to the appropriate department for immediate action but that I will hear from them in 24hours. I received an SMS from MTN which confirmed mine complain was open.

I heard nothing from MTN after 24 hours and I gave them some days more so I called again on 26th April 2012. The lady that answered the call asked me to wait after I explained what had happened. I was surprise that after waiting she came back online to say, I never bought any bundle on the said date from my record which she viewed. I was surprised to hear that so I asked her the record should show her the amount I had on the said date and what I did with it. I asked her to explain what I did but she could not. It is possible that she made a mistake or something or they want to use such excuse to extort me.

The point is that MTN-Nigeria should learn to stop stealing from Nigerians that way and think they are above the law, they may be above the law in Nigeria, where money is all that matters to most people but they should know that the world is now becoming a global community so if they cannot be above the global law. That is why Nigerians and the rest of the world should know what MTN-Nigeria is doing so that they will learn to correct their mistakes and treat their customers like humans that have rights.

My interest is to see a better Nigeria and those that worked on my case in the educational sector, during the time of Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili and Dr. Nwachukwu Aja as Ministers of Education, can confirm this.

MTN-Nigeria should therefore know that my main concern is not to discredit them but for them to learn to make correction and serve their customers better especially after complain is made. This is because MTN is part of Nigeria and part of our lives as we use their services so they should lead by example if they want Nigeria to develop and for the future and interest of Nigeria, and Nigerians. It hurts me to see Nigeria in this condition and her excuse has always been, “we are still developing or our democracy is still young.” Then when shall we grow, if we are already fifty?


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