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Is it possible to intercept bbm communications and how?

Updated on April 23, 2011

Why would you want to intercept bbm messages?

Anyone who is interested in intercepting bbm chats of someone else, motives are either to protect or confirm suspicions of that person in question. Parents are typically concerned with their children well being on a whole. The problem which arises is from the fact that they are usually out of the loop when it comes to their children’s activities and behaviors outside of the home. Monitoring your kids’ communications whether bbm, text messages are otherwise usually shed some light on the type of child you have been raising.

This doesn’t mean you will necessarily see something bad but you may notice the values and principles which are being instilled are taking root. Monitoring your children will usually give you the feedback necessary as a parent to know whether to continue doing what you are doing, or to change your style of parenting. Every situation and child is different so the approach must be the same. Another person who may resort to intercepting someone else cell phone communications are employers.

When it comes to employees, good and honest ones are hard to find today. If you are suspicious that they may be involved in underhanded business then it maybe to your advantage to keep an eye on what they are saying outside the company. If you are going to intercept bbm or other phone conversations and the person is over 18 years of age then you should notify the person you are monitoring them. This does not mean being specific but as an employer you can give them a general notice.

How does a bbm interceptor works?

Technology used to intercept bbm messages is quite simple to use. You need to just purchase the Blackberry messenger interceptor and install it on the phone you will be monitoring. It doesn’t take long and within a few minutes you will be able to read every single bbm conversation which has taken place. All the information will be stored on the software’s website and to view it you will just have to log on to the website with your unique username and password. You will be taken to your personal account where you will be able to sort, filter and search the records accordingly.

How to protect yourself from being spied on?

When you read this article you may wonder, since this technology is so easy to use what would prevent someone from installing this same software on your phone. The most important point in using this app is that the person needs physical access to use this spy app. Therefore the simplest and best way to protect yourself is to put a password on your phone. In that way if the person does get access to the phone they will not be able to install and use this technology.

If you are interested in finding out more about intercepting bbm messages then you can visit bbm interceptor for more details.


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