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It is a wonder, how people managed without electricity and computers!

Updated on October 5, 2014

Life without electricity and present ads!

People in olden days adapted to the lack of facilities!

What is that attracts man to things and persons? It is pure fascination. We imagine certain things as indispensable and certain relationships as a must for an enduring life. Nowadays, we find lot of advertisements in all spaces of media, depicting in a very fascinating way, a product. They engage glamorous actresses to display those things, be it a car or mobile phone or even a tooth paste. We are most enamored by the vision and sound. The scintillating presentation attracts one and all and this is an intelligent way to sell anything on earth! Thus we are attracted and the mind naturally seeks those things. We never examine whether the thing is really useful to us or really essential? Examine the wardrobes, the cupboards and boxes and see how many things which we have purchased eagerly are not put to use?

Youngsters are naturally attracted to the persons of opposite sex. They look at their face and complexion, their style and smile and become enslaved at the first glance. What they observe is only the exterior, skin and complexion. We do not care how much the person spent to make up them and become presentable. It is like the bee and flowers. Of course, the flowers are natural and have a genuine aroma and honey to attract those bees from far distances. These are all seductive, and one naturally becomes enslaved by the appearance and style. This is the same psychology to attract babies and children to the toy world. If you happen to visit a toy shop, you will be amazed by the varieties, colors and automation etc. Children naturally love colors, lights and moving things. It is no wonder that the ‘Barbie doll’ is a huge attraction amongst the children. Designers of toys and other materials break their head to invent newer concepts to attract the children and young people. If you browse for a particular product in the internet, the details will be exhibited within split seconds. There is nothing in the world that cannot be procured. Everything is readymade. Every day, newer and fancy products are advertised and sold.

Now take the example of an automobile. It is meant for transporting people and things. But, why there is variety ranging from few lakhs to crores? Some cars are so designed that you can spend the entire life in that. Nowadays cars accommodate all communication tools, fridge, toilet and even a mobile kitchen. There is bed, computer, music system, telephone and what not? Everything can be designed if you tell your requirement! A car which was meant for going from place to place need not be designed as a home but people prefer to have it in that fashion and they are ready to pay for it. A mobile phone was originally meant for talk and messaging. See, how much advanced the mobile phones are. Everything is available in the phone from connecting the net, browsing the mails, video chat and even business tools. You can do mobile banking and some phones enable you to monitor your BP and sugar levels too, and alert the Doctor who will prescribe remedies. Previously, a desktop was a must in all offices and organizations but they became smaller, portable laptops and then tablets and a mobile with big screen which can undertake the same functions. Desktops in course of time will become obsolete like the typewriters and electronic typewriters. It may not be a wonder that in few decades even ‘internet’ may become obsolete.

But the peculiarity about human life is ‘they adapt to any situations when there was lack of facilities. Prior to invention of electricity, people relied upon oil and kerosene lamps. They never bothered about anything and lived happily. Before the invention of train and bus, people walked long distances traversing many days. Even for going on pilgrimages, groups of people start and proceed by foot. They may travel few miles every day and take rest in the night in choultries constructed by some philanthropic persons or the rulers. Now one can reach the other part of the world within 36 hours in Jets. We send satellites to space to explore the outer space and the nearby planets. The space shuttles travel millions of kilometers and reach their target perfectly. Nowadays, it is not possible to transact anything without the aid of computer and net. Most of the functions of the government have been automated and sitting in the comforts of a home, we can interact with the government agencies and remit the taxes and charges and get an instant receipt too. If we start thinking about the situation some 50 years ago, we will wonder how we have carried out everything manually taking lot of time, energy and money! No doubt, these are all the boons of the communication age.

But, all the agencies and government departments and banks should see that the common man is benefited by the communication tools!


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