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JVC CD MP3 WMA DVD Car Stereo with Bluetooth Review

Updated on July 17, 2011

One of the CD MP3 WMA Car Stereo with Bluetooth has got the following features and with affordable cost you will find the player more useful and gives you the value for your money. do not buy cheap Car Stereo that won’t last long hence being expensive in the long run

Size MOSFET 50w x 4 with a 3.5"(Three point five) inch, the Stereo has got an ultra widescreen which makes it one of the best in the market today , it has got a touchpad technology with an electrostatic proximity sensor which will make your work easier. It comes with a 2.5V Line output / 2.5V Subwoofer output level which makes it ideal for the market today, the player has got a high quality gold-plated AV input terminals, with the following features (line x 1 pair + subwoofer + composite video), CD / DVD / MP3 / WMA / WAV / AAC playback, GIGA MP3 supported, USB port, Full speed iPod control,Built-in Bluetooth for hands free calling and audio streaming

Other than the above features you will also get the Dolby Digital decoder  of high quality and proffered by many in the market,  the player comes with the CD changer control which makes your work easier as you can change your CD wherever you are seated in the Car rather than moving up and down to change your CD,  it was design for your movement hence comes with steering wheel remote ready (optional adapter require), This system is an ideal for your iPod which is perfectly made for and works well with the iPhone giving good and clear sound

When purchase your JVC CD MP3 WMA DVD Car Stereo with Bluetooth  you will be able to get it at Amazon which offers some of the best models and other users reviews are available to help you make an informed choice. It is estimated at Amazon that majority by this item after reading the reviews and the positive ratings people gives it. Find out more on what people are saying about this particular Car Stereo with Bluetooth


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