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Gamble without Risk with Jackpot Slots

Updated on July 14, 2013

There is no shortage of slot machine apps for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. They are inexpensive – typically under two dollars each – easy to download – and fun to play. The problem is that is as exciting as it gets. Before long it becomes just another app cluttering up your screen.

The Jackpot Slots for iPhone and iPod Touch is different. The app is free although you have to purchase the Dock for approximately forty dollars. That may be the deal breaker for some. Others may be intrigued by the offers made by the maker of Jackpot Slots - New Potato Technologies. There are credits to win and drawings for trips. There is also the opportunity to play and compete against other Jackpot Slot players worldwide.


Jackpot Slots is an iPhone and iPod Touch dock. It requires no power of its own and drains very little power from your device. An included USB charging and sync cable can be used with the Jackpot Slots to charge an iPhone or iPod Touch while docked on the 30 pin connector.

The Jackpot Slots Dock is not like other docks. It is interactive. Imagine a very small slot machine and you have an idea of what it looks like. The iPhone or iPod Touch provides the screen and the handle on the dock provides the fun. Pull it down just as you would on a real slot machine. Other than being much smaller it does the same thing. As you pull the handle forward the spinning begins until it stops revealing whether you won or not. If the noise is too much it can be set for more quite fun.


The Jackpot Slot app works without the dock but you will always be in the demo mode. Once you connect to the dock you can advance through different levels. Each time you earn a new level you also earn a new slot image. If you enter the worldwide Jackpot Slots monthly tournaments you have the opportunity to win trips to some of the best real Casinos. Earn 50,000 points by playing in the tournaments and you will be entered into the drawings.

Maybe New Potato will make one for us iPhone 4 owners soon. Until then the Jackpot Slots is compatible with iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and the iPod Touch 1G and 2G.

A one year warranty covers the Jackpot Slots for iPhone and iPod. As long as no abuse is involved the dock will be repaired or replaced if it stops working correctly within one year.

So, if you are someone that enjoys gambling without the risk of loses the Jackpot Slots for iPhone or iPod Touch might be the answer.



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    • drcrischasse profile image

      drcrischasse 7 years ago from NH/Foxboro

      I just got it for mine. OMg, I am hooked.