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JayBird Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones Unique Colorful Functional

Updated on July 31, 2010


Bluetooth headphones prevent aggravation during exercise. Loose cables are always in the way –tangling into knots, wrapping around your arms, bunching up around your neck and having to be adjusted as the cords inch their way around any object on your clothes.  Eventually your headphones are yanked from your head – usually at the worst possible time. Typical ear buds are difficult to manage and to store. Ear buds sting as they get popped out of your ears. The JayBird Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones have no wires. There is nothing to wrap around your hands and nothing to adjust while trying to keep a steady pace.


The sleek design and the adjustability of the JayBird Sportsband add to their appeal.  Men and women alike can wear the Sportsband while staying true to their sensibilities. A range of color combinations let you customize your look while the functionality lets you concentrate on the task at hand. Controls for volume, calls and music (stereo) are located on the outside of the earpads which pivot for individual comfort.

With nine color combinations chances are there is one to fit your taste. Several JayBird Sportsband Headsets are white on the outside and colorful on the underside. Several others are white on the underside and colorful on the outside. Colors available are green, blue, orange, red, and black. The pink Sportsband is silvery gray on the outside. The white version is silvery gray on the underside. The black and the red are shiny where the other colors are matte.


The 3.74 ounce JayBird Sportsband flexes and the underside’s rubbery surface is designed not to slip. The over the head band has lightweight aluminum adjustable brackets for a custom fit. The ear pads sit on the outside of your ears and they pivot so the fit is good for everyone.  The Bluetooth signal holds tight for up to 33 feet.

Sweat is a fact of life when you exercise. Ear buds – even if they fit correctly tend to slip out of your ears.  Any headset will soak up sweat – even the JayBird Sportsband. The difference is the JayBird will not be damaged and if they are the lifetime warranty against sweat that covers you. The buttons are sealed against moisture so rain should not bother them either.

 There is a one year warranty the covers the JayBird Sportsband for any manufacturer’s defects.  

Five moisture sealed buttons located opposite of the ear pad controls the JayBird Sportsband Bluetooth Headset. There are two Track Control buttons for music. A Play-Pause-Call button controls music as well as phone calls. Separate Volume Control buttons make it easy to control how loud your music plays and how well you hear a voice over your cell phone. A tiny microphone is nearly hidden beneath one of the Volume Control buttons.



Battery life on the JayBird Sportsband is more than adequate. Considering that they are wireless and Bluetooth enabled you can still get up to 11 hours of talk time or music enjoyment from them on a single charge.



The JayBird Sportsband Bluetooth Headset may not be for everybody but personally I really like them.  First of all I like that they are Bluetooth enabled – NO MORE WIRES! I downloaded a Radio App for my iPhone and since it is also Bluetooth compatible there is no need for a separate music player.

So far ear buds do not fit me well so the outside of the ear design is preferable.  The Sportsband allows for answering my cell phone without a lot of fussing. I don’t know about you – but when I am in the middle of a run I do not want anything to distract from my concentration more than need be. I like that they can be worn in the rain – one less thing to worry about when the sky gets cloudy.  

When the weather gets cold outside I cover my ears. The design is simple enough not interfere with staying warm.  


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    • Debbie Cook profile imageAUTHOR

      Debbie Cook 

      8 years ago from USA

      Ahh - I love my Bluetooth gadgets! I can get them paired but some of them are uncomfortable. I run for exercise and I hate wires so this is a good option for those like me.

      Don't give up on Bluetooth. It works- I promise:-)

    • drcrischasse profile image

      Cristopher Chasse 

      8 years ago from Boston

      Every blue tooth i have ever owned, never ever works for me. I say i have at least bought 25 of them!


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