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Joule iPad Stand vs the Look-A-Lot-Alike iPad Stand

Updated on January 19, 2011


When you own an iPad you find yourself searching for the best accessories for it that you can find. It is hard to resist an iPad stand that looks as cool on its own as it does while holding an iPad. There are a few iPad stands that have caught my eye – but the Joule by Element Case has caught my attention. As interesting as the Joule is it is pricey – selling for between $129 and $159 depending on the finish. The asking price combined with its exclusivity is likely the reason the Joule “Like” iPad stands have emerged. While I am writing about an iPad Stand that resembles the original Joule by Element Case - I want to include information about the original Joule iPad Stand for comparison purposes.

The Look-A-Look-Alike a Joule iPad Stand by Perfect

The Joule iPad Stand by Element Case is highly regarded for its precise machining and functionality. It is beautifully designed to be compact yet sturdy. The aluminum construction matches the elegance of the iPad and the adjustability makes using the iPad more enjoyable. The designers responsible for the Joule iPad Stand considered what would be important to those that use it. They designed it to be sleek and modern, they padded the perfectly sized .75 inch deep channel (does not allow for a case) with soft velvet fabric to eliminate scratches and they drilled three precise holes for 3 different viewing angles.  

The look-a-lot-alike Joule iPad stands have been designed to look and function much like the original Joule. They have the same tubular shape cut from the same type of material (aluminum) and they have similar claims of functionality.    


This video shows the Original Joule iPad Stand by Element Case


The original Joule iPad Stand has three magnetic holes drilled into the back of the 1.5 inch cylinder that allows for three different viewing angles. Depending on which hole you insert the aluminum peg or rod into determines the angle of the iPad. The three viewing angles you can choose from are 20 degrees, 45 degrees or 60 degrees. The Joule iPad Stand is heavy for its size (11.5 ounces) which adds to its stability. There are rubber feet – barely visible - that keep it from sliding.

The viewing angle depends on the angle of each hole. This is one of the most important features of the iPad stand. The depth and angle of the holes have to be precise to increase the stability of the iPad. Both the original Joule and other similar iPad stands have designed the holes to be a magnetic. Both have used rubber feet to keep the iPad stand from sliding.

The Joule is designed with a perfectly shaped slot on the front to accommodate the iPad speaker so the sound is not muffled. There is also a precise cut out for the Home button. Unfortunately you can only charge the iPad by placing it in the landscape mode or by turning it upside-down – but since the iPad screen rotates that is not a huge issue. The iPad speaker slot and the cut-out slot for the iPad’s Home button on the look-a-lot-alike iPad stand are similar as well.  


The Joule iPad Stand is small enough to travel with. In fact, it comes with a cool zippered case that resembles one that I store my Oakley sunglasses in. Of course, traveling could mean simply walking to the next room. Use it in the home office on your desk, use it in the kitchen on the countertop or take it to work and use it in the boardroom. Wherever you use the Joule people will notice. The previously mentioned look-a-lot-alike iPad stand ships with a small drawstring bag.

The Joule iPad Stand may not be the most versatile and it is definitely not the least expensive but it may be one of the most elegant of any on the market today. It looks great on its own – even without an iPad in it. The simple elegant design is impressive. The Joule is available in silver or black. In the event that the iPad is offered in multiple sizes the Joule iPad Stand will not become obsolete.

You may wonder why I call the non-Joule iPad Stand a look-a-lot-alike iPad stand. The simple answer is there is no clear name for them. They are instantly recognizable because the look is so similar. The price will tip you off however. The original Joule iPad Stand sells for $129 to $159 and the look-a-lot-alike ipad stands sell for as low as $45 - $80. I would consider purchasing either one. In fact, I would like to have one of each – side by side to see how alike they really are. Are the holes drilled deep enough and do the magnets hold securely enough? Does the channel support and hold my iPad without scratching or marking it in any way? Do the rubber feet stay level and prevent rolling? My advice before making a purchase is to only purchase with the agreement that you can return it if it does not live up to your expectations.  



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    • profile image

      Keys 3 years ago

      What I find so insetetring is you could never find this anywhere else.

    • profile image

      Marie 3 years ago

      An answer from an expert! Thanks for courtibnting.

    • profile image

      ed77burns 7 years ago

      It certainly seems to be the next big thing!!

    • profile image

      Alan 7 years ago

      I got the lapworks space dock. It's half the price of the joule and works and looks great.