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Journal on AirMouse Innovation

Updated on September 4, 2014

The airmouse is definitely an innovation of its own kind. This owes to the fact that it is designed to be better than other type of mice by making it easier to use the computer. Unlike other types of mice, it is designed to be worn like a glove. The airmouse is designed with an aim of eliminating the difficulties experienced by users in other mice. These difficulties may include, but not limited to repetitive stress injuries, pain, numbness and other problems. There are also other characteristics which makes this product to be a peculiar innovation including being wireless, making it one of its kind in this industry. In addition, it also employs an optical laser enabling it to work for long without being recharged. This product has been clinically tested and considered safe for human use. The mouse’ ability to keep the human hand in a neutral position, and transmitting more vector force does not only make its use to be easier, but also increases the accuracy and speed of using the mouse. The air mouse style of being a conventional, one dimensional mouse deviates from that of other ergonomic brands in many aspects (Coxworth, 2010,1).

According to TechWyse (2014) a technology organization, Airmouse as a computer mouse has been experimentary, and medically tested to optimize the accuracy and speed of using computer, as well as eliminating the pain related to repetitive stress injuries. The flexible glove depicts muscle kinematics in the human hand, and natural finger and hand joint. This mouse facilitates the translation in the movement of the natural hand to a force applied in relation to the tracking sensor. The device is designed using lightweight materials to support the posture for the neutral hand (2).

Air mouse has been duped as the next generation mouse since it is activated automatically to be in mouse mode and automatically deactivated when in other uses such as typing. Unlike other type of mice, air mouse includes additional components such as mouse click buttons, tracking devices that facilitate full tactile sensitivity, and multitask between mouse and keyboard. Further, the mouse is designed in such a manner as to stabilize the hand and wrist to become in a neutral hand posture. The flow of blood to the hand is increased when the mouse is in use and it maintains a hand position that is preferred by a user including a palm face down on a flat surface. This is purposed to minimize stress on the hand’s physiological structures, as well prevent movements that result in pain, and other problems associated with repetitive stress injuries such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (Chen, 2013,1).

Unlike other type of mice, airmouse is won like a glove. The device as proved to be quiet efficient and effective in regard to interpretation of gesture control the same way as airmouse. It is the only type of airmouse that can enable switching between or multitasking on typing, mousing and other type of functions. The device creates convenience and comfort when it is controlled by use of hands. Moreover, the device does not unlike other mice, or keyboards depend on the stationery flat desktop in operating, rather it can be used in many positions. The new features in this device have made it easier to operate not only the computer, but also entertainment, and television in any position like standing, and lying down (Spark Innovations, 2013,1).

The introduction of the airmouse has been essentially appealing for those users who spend much time moving their hands between the mouse and keyboards. Users are now able to keep their hands in one position, but continue using their mouse. The mouse is a 3 D design, which means that it is able of moving around by simply identifying hand gestures. Moreover, users are able to scroll and click their thumbs while using the device (Gaurav, 2014,2). In this mouse, there is a specific button placed on the index finger used to move the mouse cursor in different positions. The user has to push the button in performing the left or right click. Furthure, there is also a pause button that can be used to stop the cursor movements in case one wants to use the hand for other tasks (Gaurav, 2014,1).


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