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Keep a digital eye on your home IP Camera

Updated on June 15, 2012

IP Camera is a way to keep an eye on your home always independent of your location. Earlier this was used only in industries and large shops. But now the price of these devices have come down to such a level that you can get one for your home use.

Surveillance Kit

Many companies are now providing four cameras and a video recorder as a single set of cost nearly Rs.20000. It is useful enough for home use. It contains four bullet cameras and a video recorder.


   Bullet cameras are very small and of fixed angle type. The are not moving and always oriented in the same direction. The cost of a single bullet camera is nearly Rs.4000 for low end cameras. They have a range of 25 Meters. For extended cost of nearly Rs.6000, you can get cameras of more good quality with a rage of 60 Meters with good picture quality. A more modern trend is PTZ ( Pan tilt Zoom) cameras. They can be moved or rotated and zoom level and tilt levels can be adjusted. They are in the price range starting at Rs12000. With different zoom level and tilt facilities they can provide more wide range with single camera. They provide good picture quality upto a range of nearly 250 Meters. Cameras of Taywanise manufacturers is considered as more superior according to current marketing trends.

Videos Recorder

    The serveillance kit also contains a video recorder. Based on the price range of the surveillance kit manufacturers provide storage capacity of 500GB, 1TB,2TB etc. For full time video recording of all the four cameras in the kit for whole one month will require only 500GB. Also you can set an erasing time for old data, the software embedded in the system will automatically erase the old data at the specified time.

Accessability over internet

  With the advent of broadband internet and 3G it is very easy to stream video over internet without delay. For accessing the data from IP camera through interent on your smart phone or a computer, you need to have a domain registered. There are free domain services supported by advertisement services but in case of using these services you cannot be sure about the uninterrupted availability of live video. This is because these servers can be down for more time compared to paid services. So it is better to have a domain registered. By doing so you can be sure about uninterupted and secured view of your live cameras. Now with advent surveillance Kit softwares you can view live videos of upto 6 cameras simultaneously in your phone or computer remotely.

Future trends

  Now the prices are coming down to such a level that it can be used in your houses also. Earlier it was used only in industries, now it is being used in houses also. Later this tendency will increase and surely one day will come where it is used in every houses. Because it is a good method to ensure security. It can almost prove all cases and reduce criminal incidences if it gains more popularity.


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