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Key changes in new Google Algorithm Panda

Updated on November 20, 2011

Google Panda Algorithm 2011 - towarders greater value to Netizens

Good values prevail in the long time

Time and again it gets proved that good values prevail on evil bad ones in the long time. The recent change in the Algorithm of Google is aimed at improving value to its stakeholder by changing the search algorithm to promote some key requirements of the netizens i.e. good quality content, faster search actions, recent and updated contents first etc. It is estimated that around 12-30% of search enquiries will get affected by the new Algorithm.

People who have been trying to be smart the search program by inserting excessive amount of so called Key Words thorough the science of SEO are in for a shock as their contents’ ranking may fall drastically. Whereas people who have been honest with their postings in terms of value stand to gain. Some of the key aspects of the new algorithm are given below:

Adding Value to potential users

The key to this development is that when you want to attract people and traffic to your content you just need to remember one very simple thing in mind “How to add value to people by providing quality content”. As Google will not stop here, They will keep on improving their search program which will work towards the benefit of the common people searching on the net.


People are struggling to manage the overload of information they get when they want to search some useful content. One way is to promote brevity. So the new algorithm favors small page size, small images etc,

Regular updating

The program will give preference to recent or latest contents in the areas which are time sensitive like news about sports, movies, political set up, latest publications, market news, company performance, review of consumer products etc. Many topics which are not time sensitive may not get affected by the changes like history, recipe, personal relationships etc.

The new changes are the welcome relief for the types who are honest to their hobby or job of posting content on the Net. The types who are impatient to earn money in the fastest possible way will get a kind of setback.

Keep writing as a source of enjoyment and the rewards will surely follow.


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