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Keynote Remote iPhone Application Review

Updated on March 12, 2010

Keynote Remote iPhone

It is a very intuitive device that makes your life very simple when doing presentation and also simple to use with a handy and great note mode. Now after look at some of the features of AppleiPhone in our previous hub, we are going to look at some of AppleiPhone applications that you can buy to aid the AppleiPhone usability. Here we are looking at the functions and features of the keynote Remote iPhone Application and what you can do with this application

What Keynote Remote iPhone Application does

Its gives you the ability to control your keynote slide presentation and this is done at the comfort of your iPod Touch or iPhone gadget. It gives you the flexibility to navigate through your power point slide both swiping from back slide and on a landscape mode it enables you to preview your next slide on the iPhone or iPodtouch. When you want to check on your presentations notes you simple turn the keynote remote iPhone application into portrait mode of the iPodtouch or iPhone gadget

The beauty of the iPhone application is that it gives you the full control of the presentation including animation and flashing of text. The iPhone Application is a long laster devices that if taken care of properly it will last you for some good time. Avoid putting the iPhone application in your pocket as this will broken the device. But it may also takes sometimes between processing of slide and having them displayed from your computer hence you need to be aware of this short coming


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