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Keyword Tools Google Search Engine Ranking By The Traffic Gurus

Updated on June 19, 2013

Keyword Targeting

laser-focused, geo-targeted, high traffic search terms to rank on multiple pages
laser-focused, geo-targeted, high traffic search terms to rank on multiple pages | Source
Google keyword optimization
Google keyword optimization | Source

How To Make Money Online with SEO Pushing Traffic

Making money online may be the ultimate goal for most businesses and writers, but making yourself known on the first four pages of Google takes expertise. The Google keyword search tool is just one small role in the marketing plan that requires consideration. Hubpages help on "How to craft a search friendly title" shares the importance and tips for incorporating the search friendly keywords into titles. That is helpful for any title that heads any article, blog post or web content.

What we think is a useful keyword, has a low search result (under 5,000 searches per month). The goal is to meet the search engine requirements to reach a top page ranking. Keyword research is time consuming and only one step towards reaching the top. Rather than single words, including related keywords to the primary ones; will provide an organized way to present the information, product and services. How often do you look for a company in your own town? Placing a locality into some of the keywords helps rein in local interest.

What is the additional key step to improving your page rankings? Having multiple websites pointing to your page means A “page” can be your website page, blog, article, product, service, or social media page. Reciprocating links between websites works well as long as the quality content goes along with the link. Not everyone has the time and ability to produce this referral linking step. Most people do not own thousands of websites to produce this step successfully. This is when hiring a professional search engine optimization company to do that for you becomes a worthwhile marketing investment.

In the blogging world, "content is key". This is true now more than ever as the search engine algorithms hone in on content that matches with the link and its relationship with the website. Anything less and websites drop to the low end where most people will never see.

The Traffic Gurus - A Personal SEO Company Review

I am providing a personal review on a search engine optimization company (SEO). I am not setup under their referral program, just sharing a personal experience and knowledge for this internet marketing service.

The Traffic Gurus removes our personal limit on the number of websites and blogs pointing to "our targeted web content." They utilize thousands of websites to point links with accurate keywords to create upper page rankings on Google. That is one of the main purposes a professional SEO company does to improve your site traffic.

The greatest benefit is the fact that they do not use simple spammy or link farming websites to create traffic. They develop valuable content with the linking process. They also "love and embrace all Google changes," because those changes make improvements during the weeding out of clutter from invalid and low value websites. That allows their clients websites to take priority and be the result people are seeking.

Their concept of mass optimized webpage generation is designed to get multiple laser-focused, Geo-targeted, high traffic search terms to rank on multiple pages. All done in a manner that Google loves. Unlike most traditional SEO companies, they are not at war with Google. They love Google and Google loves them.

Cost. When reviewing the company, there is a form to request a quote. The reason the quote is used rather than a price list is due to the personalized marketing plan and individual budgets. The cost is reasonable, but the best way to determine your budget is to calculate your current sales, potential sales with increased traffic and weigh that against the cost of this online marketing service.

How Professional SEO Targeting Works

How It Works
How It Works | Source

Videos Must Have the Words People Use to Search For Them

Videos require the most accurate keywords to ensure people are finding it. If your video is ranked too low down the pages of choices, people will not find it, just the same as in search engines. The title is crucial and then the tags, which were the keywords are listed.

What I have learned from the Blogging Summits is the transcript is the way you get your keywords into a visible state for search engines. Be sure to upload a transcript or related article for each video. You will see your video instantly move up in rankings once it is included.

This further supports the referral linking, and hitting the customers where they spend a lot of time, watching videos online. Imagine when a professional SEO company directs traffic to your YouTube videos or website videos. The monetization will become the major benefit as a direct result of The Traffic Gurus sending traffic to it.

Keywords Related to Content and Pictures

Content is commonly collaborated with keywords. If it isn't, it should be! Blog posts, articles, interviews, reviews and anything that contributes to a webpage. Incorporate the keywords into the title and throughout the written portion; keeping the flow natural, to ensure quality.

Pictures are often forgotten as important pieces that need and require keywords just like titles and content. How else will people find your images? Whether it is a portfolio of completed work, tutorials, DIY's, references, make each image a set of searchable keywords. The great option today is people pinning images, organically sharing them on Pinterest and generating more interest. Leaving the file name may not represent the item and important keyword should be avoided. Fill out the title, description and caption for every original image uploaded. If that is not an option, include the most important keywords in the file name.

Finding personal images in Google, including viewing friends or relatives photos is currently easy to do. Again, you will see how the keywords make it easier to find those images.


How do you measure the difference in traffic before the help and after? The Traffic Gurus provide a tracking code so anyone can review the metrics data on visitors to the site. You don't have to create it, they do. Check the location of your links prior to the service. Check the ranking of each on Google afterwards.

Utilize Google Anaylitcs as well since it offers clear reporting on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Now all this does little if your page, product or service is lacking a clear call to action. What is your call to action? This is crucial in determining the increase in sales from the increased traffic.

Understanding Your Target Market

From the basic concepts of a business plan and a marketing plan, is understanding your target market. Researching the market, understanding exactly what the customers want and then delivering it. How do you pin point those targets down to specific locations, specific keywords that apply to the webpages? Integration. Linking between multiple websites to create content for sharing. In the age of social media, organic sharing what people find is a natural benefit from integration.

This is exactly the philosophy behind The Traffic Gurus marketing strategy for clients. Social media are another springboard for sharing, just like real word-of-mouth business sharing.

Self Produced SEO vs. Professional SEO

The Traffic Gurus
Link Farming SEO Sites
relies on self knowledge of SEO
Professional and specialized in SEO
Very little work done
limited to refereing from a few websites
Utilizes thousands of websites
links without content
Not choosing the right keywords
Uses all the right keywords
limited number of keywords
geo targeting is lacking or missing
Focus is on Geo Targeting
May or may not apply local traffic
low visitor metrics
increased visitors monthly
works till Google kills ranking
low conversion
higher conversion rate
zero to low conversion rate
A comparison on completing keyword and backlink referrals by an individual, a company like The Traffic Gurus and other SEO companies that utilize Link Farming without out providing related and valuable content with the referring links.

The Traffic Gurus

5 stars for The Traffic Gurus because they love Google Changes!

The Traffic Gurus Website

The Traffic Gurus
The Traffic Gurus | Source

The Traffic Guru Services Offered

Services Offered
Targeted Web Traffic
Video Production
Social Media Marketing
SEO Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Quality Backlinking
Link Referral
Logo Design
Organic Natural Sharing
The Traffic Gurus offer well rounded internet services that any company can benefit from.

The Traffic Guru's by Victor Csakany

The Traffic Gurus Like to Trump Competition

There assistance is exclusive to industry specific companies and their locality. They will not pin one competitor against the other with their services. This is another special and unique quality they maintain for the best results and to avoid conflict of interest. Occupying top property on the first few pages of Google search engine is the main reason. Once one group is performing there, a competitor is unable to occupy the same space, at the same time. The second one would be sacrificed to a lower ranking.

Penguin, Panda or other cute animal names for programs that alter search results helps push the good sites. The Traffic Gurus work to reach the top. It isn't too often that you hear a company appreciate the changes and gets improvements as a result.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin Algorithm Changes
Google Penguin Algorithm Changes | Source

Algorithm Changes

Algorithm is the science behind the search engine and how it takes optimized websites, blogs, pages, etc. and transforms them into a result. As all of us know here on Hubpages, as writers we watch our visitors drop after every change by Google's Penguin. As the search engine recognizes the quality content, and we pass the new tests, traffic increases again.

Professional SEO targeting companies begin and accomplish the new algorithm requirements quickly. They make changes to replace any drop in customer rankings to maintain them on top of the first pages. Meeting all the "content value checks", "relationship checks" and passes the Google tests by confirming the referral site is not "farming links".

The rest of us as individuals and inexperienced businesses watch the drop in traffic and wait patiently for it to slowly crawl back up or never fully return. The return depends how well we meet the most current cuts and current content requirements. It is a lot easier when people that specialize in this area, do the work to regain or just maintain top rankings through all the changes.

Overall, I highly recommend The Traffic Gurus and their ability to overcome Google changes in such a successful way, that you will find your websites at the top every time.

Free SEO eBook by The Traffic Gurus

This is a very useful and FREE 36 page guide to SEO (search engine optimization). It explains about site auditing to assess website performance, and eight important questions to ask yourself about your personal or business website. The guide, very thoroughly covers keyword research and useful tools to complete that research.

Key points are covered regarding the development of quality content for each webpage. What I like in this book is the information about creating and sharing videos. Videos do improve rankings, so it is truly helpful to include them within your website.

Anyone that is struggling with SEO, Google keyword researching and backlinking will benefit from this free guide. It offers detailed help, resources and tools that will improve your website and articles here on Hubpages or on any blog.

Targeting Local Customers by City

40 Highway and 7 Highway, Blue Springs, Missouri:
Highway 7, Blue Springs, MO 64015, USA

get directions

Geo Targeting to specific cities is necessary for some businesses and helpful when customers search in their area for a product, service, or business.

Level of Ability with Keywords and SEO

What is your skill level with applying keywords and SEO (search engine optimization)?

See results


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    • bridalletter profile imageAUTHOR

      Brenda Kyle 

      5 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

      And accessing the tool has changed now. There is a lot more involved to use the tool, same with Bing.

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      5 years ago

      Seems like you could make a career out of trying to stay up with Google but it good to see an overview now and then.

    • bridalletter profile imageAUTHOR

      Brenda Kyle 

      5 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

      Thank you KoffeeKlatch Gals. Writing the article actually helped me understand backlinking after researching it more deeply. As far as the keywords go, I always try to incorporate keywords into titles and articles. I have noticed when I fill a "void" area in writing, the article is towards the top as far as page ranking goes.

      Good luck and thanks for commenting,

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      5 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Very interesting and informative article. I will be reading again to absorb it all. Up and useful.

    • bridalletter profile imageAUTHOR

      Brenda Kyle 

      5 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

      Thank you kashmir56. Since we rely so much on Google, I wanted to provide some insight and another option to optimize a website.

    • bridalletter profile imageAUTHOR

      Brenda Kyle 

      5 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

      Hi Barbara Kay. I understand. This company doesn't do any spam at all. We all work hard to do the work ourselves. I know I need to do more. Glad you have experience with page ranking. It is nice to have the option to have a professional do the work when the budget allows for it. When I think it will be worthwhile to promote a published book with their help. I am still writing it now, but I may share my results once the book is out there.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Very interesting and useful information within this informative and well written article . Well done !

      Vote up and more !!!

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 

      5 years ago from USA

      I did this with a company that offered free services a few years back for my website. It went down from page 2 to page 7 after they used all their spammy links. Now I am hesitant to try any paid service. I just do it on my own, but what a lot of work!

    • bridalletter profile imageAUTHOR

      Brenda Kyle 

      5 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

      Thank you Kathryn Stratford. It is really interesting to understand the Google changes. I know we always feel them on Hubpages, but I notice our traffic goes back up once Penguin recognizes the valuable content associated with the link to each article.

    • bridalletter profile imageAUTHOR

      Brenda Kyle 

      5 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

      Thank you maalarue. Yes. I lost the "H". Grammarly didn't catch it since I don't enter those titles. I appreciate the help and feedback.

    • Kathryn Stratford profile image


      5 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      Very informative. I will be back later on to read it a little slower, so I can glean a little more from it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • maalarue profile image

      John Mark 

      5 years ago from Texas

      Hello Bridalletter,

      I see you have 334 followers and not a single one noticed or bothered to inform you about your misspelled word in your first title. Otherwise awesome article. Thanks.


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