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Kindle 3G Is It Hot?

Updated on September 9, 2013


According to Amazon, Kindle is their #1 best seller and has the most five star reviews of all their products. So what makes Kindle 3G Wireless electronic book (E-book) hot?

Electronic reading devices, or E books, first appeared on the market in 2007. Amazon announced their newest version of the Kindle in August 2010 and in that three year period between 2007 and 2010 they have reduced the cost and increased quality and features. Effective and convincing advertising does the rest to make the Kindle 3G hot. A break down of these three areas, cost, quality and features, and advertising follows.


Lower cost makes it hot. The Kindle 3G wireless is $189. That's considerably down from the $400 initial price range. If you have an internet connection and router at the location where you use it and don't plan to use it while traveling the Kindle 3 for $139 might work and reduce the cost even more.


There is a long list of features of the Kindle 3G Wireless and Wi-Fi that make it hot. That list would include:


1/3 inch thin and weighs 8.5 oz.


50% faster and can download a book in 60 seconds


Clearer text and more contrast making the pages look like actual paper with the graphite, 6" display and new E ink Pearl technology

Wireless and Wi-Fi

Free 3G wireless, meaning no charges to use it globally in the U.S. and 100 other countries with map of areas included in this service is available


Holds 3500 books and documents which is twice the amount in previous versions

Book Selection and other reading sources

6,300 books at including New York Times bestsellers

Access to leading newspapers and magazines before they hit the stand

9000 blogs

Cost of books

New York Times bestsellers start at $9.95

Free classic books

Battery life

Can be up to one month without use of wireless and as much as three weeks with wireless, all depending on how used

Other features

View personal documents and PDFs

New Oxford American Dictionary


Text to speech


Kindle is advertised as Amazon's #1 seller with most 5 star reviews and reflects the quality of advertising and reinforces the desire and sale of product. Kindle 3G is one of the products that contributes to the record.

SO IS THE Kindle 3G Hot?

Clearly with reduced cost, improved features and capabilities, and effective and convincing advertising, the Kindle 3G is hot! Now isn't that cool?

Is the Kindle 3G Hot?

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