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Kindle Covers That Don't Crack the Device: One Woman's Happy Ending to a Cracked Frame Tragedy

Updated on July 27, 2012

A family member recently became indignant because the cover she had bought for her Kindle DX e-book reader had caused a hairline crack on the frame of the Kindle where the clip attached to the case pressed down on the device. She had specifically chosen's own Kindle cover because she assumed it would be the most compatible with her Kindle. She told me it turned out this was a known issue in 2009, but the flaw still existed, as she'd bought the cover in 2010.

Today she told me she'd gotten her new cover, and she was very happy with it. It's slightly more expensive, but she found it necessary to pay more because there weren't all that many DX-sized covers that didn't clamp down on the Kindle - most sleeve-style cases are made for the smaller version of the Kindle. This cover, the Pier Frama, fits her large DX reader beautifully. The Kindle slides into the sleeves and there is no place where any clip or hard part presses against the device.

Piel Frama Leather Cover for DX Kindle - With Sleeves

What she found when she looked for a sleeve that wouldn't be too tight or too loose and without any potentially damaging parts was the Piel Frama, a gorgeous soft Spanish leather case that has all the right cutouts for the Kindle DX in all the right places. It's sleek, very professional looking, with a luxury feel, and comes in tan, red, blue, pink and green.

When I looked into it, I noticed that Piel Frama also makes cases for the smaller 6" Kindle as well as Apple products like the iPad and iPhone - in fact, it seems like they accommodate mostly Apple electronics.

I'm glad she found one she likes, but I have to admit I'm fighting - every day - my Kindle envy of her beautiful, BIG, easy-on-the-eyes-because-not-backlit DX e-book reader. I am actually selling two ebooks on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, but I've yet to buy a Kindle! One day, one day....


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