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Kindle DX Amazon Breaks The Mold On Wireless Reading

Updated on August 24, 2010

Kindle DX

Kindle DX , the new generation of wireless readers from Amazon. This upgrade has truely broken the mold on wireless reading.

With a bigger screen, this device is easier and quicker to read. The new LCD screen has a "no glare" feature that allows you to read as if you were looking at actual print.

Download from a variety of over 600,000 book titles, newspapers and other publications. Get everything that you need without being charged additional fees.

The Kindle Dx allows you to access social networking and share your favorite books online with friends. Set up facebook and start online book clubs today.

Many people have upgraded their Kindle 2 readers because of the easier reading with the DX. Amazon listened to their customers and addressed the issues pertaining to difficult reading as with previous models. It was very hard to see the words in certain lightening. Now it's easier to read outdoors while traveling or on vacation. You can now read your favorite novels on the beach!

This super thin design allows you to travel with the Kindle DX very easily. The battery life has also improved making charging less time consuming.

If you're a PDF user, you may find this a must have. Many lawyers that are use to carrying  a load of paper work would find this a life saver when going to and from court.  

College students no longer have to carry heavy text books to and from classes. Just download your text books right to your Kindle and always have multiple texts available to you throughout your college career.

Upload family pictures and show off to your friends. It's like having a digital photo album right at your disposal anytime anywhere. Amazon really out did themselves with this one!

New Kindle DX Wireless Reader


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