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Kindle Skins

Updated on January 20, 2015

When it comes to the amazon Kindles, there is a few things that you can do to protect it or just make it look very nice. The picture on the side, is a picture of my kindle with the skin on it. Normally, I am not the person whom would buy the extras, but I feared that my kindle was going to get dirty, so I decided to buy a skin for it. The cover is not enough. You need something that will protect it. At least with a skin, if it does get dirty, it can be replaced. The skins are removable which is the best thing, but it also depends on what company you buy it from.

Apply Your Kindle Skin to Your Kindle

If you have not checked out the video above, you really should. I did not see the video before putting one on mine. I did the opposite way, but I still managed to get the same results. The hardest part really was the front. I literly had to poke out the parts that were for the keys at the bottom of the kindle, but once those where out, it was smooth riding. It does not come with directions on how to put it on. Its like they think that we will figure it out. Well I had to since there were no directions at all. The hardest part of it all is making sure that it was on there straight. At least, it was easy to remove when it was not.

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