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Kitchen Gadgets: Shake-n-Take Smoothie Blender

Updated on March 15, 2011

Most of us are always in a hurry. Early morning hours are hectic and although the family gets fed, often we run out of the door without feeding ourselves. Although eating healthy is the goal it is not convenient most of the time so we end up grabbing a donut and a soft drink. If I can grab something that tastes good from my own kitchen I will. Mobile kitchen gadgets are few but there is one that I really like.

The Shake-in-Take Smoothie maker is indeed portable. The 16 ounce mixing cup can be taken with you as you leave the house and you can drink your smoothie through the flip-up straw in the lid.

The indentions in the side of the mixing cup helps you grip it and the thin shape is helps it to fit into most vehicle cup holders. You know that once other friends and family see yours they will want one too.

Extra mixing pitchers can be ordered so multiple drinks can be blended from only one base.

The blades are metal which makes it capable of chopping ice and frozen fruit. Personally I would only blend crushed ice because large pieces of ice can put a lot of strain on any blender. I make my smoothies with frozen mixed fruit, crushed ice, cold water and Crystal Light powder. In the beginning I used fruit juice but then I decided to try loosing a few pounds so I altered my routine. It works great.

Smoothies are not the only drinks that can be made. Protein drinks are popular with athletes and casual exercisers. Believe me when I say that you want a blender that is capable of blending powered drinks well. Stirring a powered drink by hand is not always pleasant and getting a mouth full of powder is even worse.

Ease of clean up is important to me. When something is not convenient it will not be used on a consistent basis. The wide mouth allows for easy scrubbing when in a rush but it can be washed in the dishwasher.


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