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Knit City of Tamil Nadu - Tirupur.

Updated on August 27, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Chennai formerly Known as Madras City.

Chennai or formerly known as Madras in Madras State was the only state in South India to make the State the biggest Industrial State in South India.This was largely due to the eminent and most patriotic politicians with out any politics lifted the state from it's backward state to the best state.It is a pity and a tragedy that it has now become the Scam City with politicians going to jail as if they are visiting a resort.In fact there are special 5 star jails for these politicians with jail cells like Presidential Suits in 5 Star Hotels.One Union Cabinet Minister took his break in a jail for over two years continuously.

Now with the infrastructure in place and eminent industrialists in plenty Chennai cannot be overtaken by any state in South India.However Karnataka can beat Tamil Nadu previously Madras State if the politicians in power in Karnataka can make the best use of the present opportunity to unite with out selfish interest and their greed for power and money which they already have in plenty and the daily quarrel with petty politics.Kerala State has been a non performer in Industry or its best use of other gifts of God can stand next only if the communists want the state to prosper and not their party policy and ugly politics.Most of the educated boys and girls of Kerala have already migrated to foreign countries and neighboring states and Kerala is left with senior citizens and plenty of school going and college boys and girls who will follow the present professionals working in other countries and states.

How did a Small town in Tirupur in the State of Tamil Nadu could hit Global Market.

Life Style of the present generation.

Most of the knitting machines 50 years ago were manufacturing only under wears for men and there was fierce competition among these was on cost of manufacturing cost which was going up year after year.The guys who owned these knitting machines.were very cleaver they somehow by their smart brains started manufacturing what looked like a 'T' shirt and it was just white in color as they had no dyeing facility in their units.There sales of these 'T' shirts jumped but their customers wanted these 'T' shirts in color.The sales jumped further.Some body wanted prints and soon followed a gigantic jump and there was a sea change in its activities in technology,design and manufacture and further jumps to stitch less design and part transparent apparel fabrics.It was the need of every boy,girl,male and female as also young and old men and women.TIRUPUR went up globally and stands as a top exporter of knitted garments in India.

Technology,Innovation & Machinery Inventions.

Machinery for higher production, Longer width, Wider width, Texture Changes,Industrial Use and many uses in many areas developed and Knitting was another industry that invited textile industry to look up and take notice that it has a place in the fashion industry and the textile industry which all the time considered knitting as a under wear industry took up this challenge and made room to just put up in a corner of their heavy industry and found it very quick money making corner of the big factory they had and demanded from textile machinery manufacturers to design and produce machines that they wanted.The textile machinery manufacturers came up with these machines that over took all existing knitting machines with capacity and flexibility to manufacture machines that no one ever imagined was possible and profitable having quick returns on investment over these machines.Countries after countries took up this special and less complicated machine and did cosmetic changes to attract entrepreneurs in textiles industry with automation and wide changes in production capacity and quality..

Any kind of yarn can be used on presently manufactured machines.

Fabdesigns Inc., a textile engineering company with a world class reputation for innovative knit engineering and pioneering technology in knitted footwear, has

This is Tirupur,Tamil Nadu India's Knit City.

Knitting - Part 1.

Part 2 Knitting.

Part 3 - Knitting.

Merz Launches New Medical Compression Hosiery Machine.

Knitting knows no boundary.

Specialist German producer of circular knitting machines for medical stockings Merz launched a new four feed machine with reciprocating heel and toe movement at last month's ITMA.

The Merz CC4 II replaces the company's tried and tested CC4 MED model for the production of medical compression stockings in classes I to III. The four feed CC4 II high-efficiency circular knitting machine is also suitable for the production of made to measure anti embolism stockings, knee braces, ankle protectors and fine ladies pantyhose with reciprocated heel and or toe.

Tirupur was perhaps sitting on a volcano of Hosiery or Knitting Technology as it has opened its door world wide in its small scale industry to world wide acceptance of knitting as a unparalleled industry in Textiles.

Can we adjust our wear with out Knitting.

Knitting has Limitations.

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What does he wear Knitted or Woven?

What is he wearing.

Is he wearing?

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