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Kodak EasyShare Camera Z5010 Review

Updated on November 12, 2012
My Kodak EasyShare Camera Z5010
My Kodak EasyShare Camera Z5010

I found shopping for a digital camera to be quite confusing. One digital camera has higher resolution than another but no screen on the back of the camera to easily view the scene. Another camera has every feature imaginable but the batteries are expensive and customers have complained that the batteries don't last long. A different digital camera has some great features but doesn't have manual settings. I needed a camera with manual mode for my upcoming photography class. So, after shopping online and at a local store, the only thing I had was a headache.

Comparing cameras was just confusing me. With head pounding and no camera in hand, I decided that the only way I would get anywhere in my search is if I narrowed down exactly what I wanted and looked for a camera with those features rather than trying to compare different cameras.

The only requirement for class was that the camera have a manual mode, so that was absolutely necessary. I also wanted a nice zoom lens. One feature on some of the cameras that I had seen while camera shopping was the larger screens on the backs of the cameras.

Battery type is often a concern with cameras. In the past, I've bought cameras that required a specific type of battery that was difficult to find. When I did find it, the battery was $50! I was not going to fall into that trap again! I knew that my next camera was going to use regular AA batteries. I read camera customer reviews in which the people complained that they had to change the AA batteries all the time. I didn't care if I had to buy a set or two of rechargeable AA's and switch them frequently.

Back of Kodak EasyShare Z5010
Back of Kodak EasyShare Z5010

While searching for a camera with these features, I found the Kodak EasyShare Z5010. This camera had all the features that I wanted. It has a manual mode and also other modes that make taking quality photos easy once I understood what the different modes mean. For example, the indoor mode prevents the photos from having a yellowish tint as is common when photos are taken inside a building.

The Kodak EasyShare Z5010 uses four AA batteries. I have not had problems with battery life like many complained about other cameras draining AA batteries. I do not use my camera for long periods of time, and the camera automatically shuts off after a short period of time. In fact, I'd say that the automatic shut off comes a little too soon. That can get annoying, but the camera is back on with a flick of the button.

One of the highlights of my Kodak EasyShare camera review would be the zoom lens. The zoom lens is great. I was able to use the zoom often for my photography class. I like how easy it is to adjust and how powerful it can be.

I bought my camera in early 2012. I see that the Kodak EasyShare camera Z5010 sells for much less than when I bought mine. I paid over $200 for my camera. I felt that this was a bit high compared to similar cameras, but I could not find another camera with all the features that I wanted. I would have said that the price was a disadvantage to the Kodak EasyShare Z5010 cameras, but now they are very reasonably prices at around $150 and less.

As a disadvantage to this camera, I do not care for the latch for the battery compartment. Mine has not broken, but it feels flimsy. I feel like I have to be extra careful with it. But, if the user is careful, I don't think that this has been a problem according to Kodak EasyShare customer reviews.

I have not used to automatic sharing feature as is the marketed highlight of the EasyShare cameras. I suppose the easy sharing is supposed to be the whole point of these cameras. However, I find the Z5010 to be a quality camera that has met my needs even though I haven't used the sharing feature.

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