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Kyocera Echo Review - Specifications, Features, Price, Release Date and More

Updated on June 7, 2011

Well - who saw this coming? I mean with all the touch screen technology I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.

If you don't know what I'm talking about I'm referring to the newly announced, first ever, dual-touchscreen android smartphone from Sprint (that was a mouthful). Sprints Kyocera Echo, a Japanese android developer, is finally doing what should have been done sooner - utilize the touch screen interface in a Nintendo DS kind of way (some are calling the Nintendo DS cell phone!).

The Kyocera Echo looks to be the first of it's kind, making the Sprint dual screen mobile phone, well, brave. It's delicate technology moving forward in an already competitive world; it's risky, but the risk could produce a huge payoff.

How do I know?

By already knowing many of the Kyocera Echo's features; by knowing when, in a sense, Spring will release the dual-touchscreen smartphone to the world; by knowing the Echo's specifications; an, above all, knowing, compared to other android phones, the price of the Kyocera Echo.


The Sprint Echo looks sleek.
The Sprint Echo looks sleek.

Kyocera Echo Features - An Extreme Multitasking Device

If you thought that iPhone and iPad multitasking was one of the best new features of any phone (and if you thought the multitasking couldn't get any better) then you are going to love the new Kyocera Echo from Sprint.  It makes the iPhone's multitasking look like it's from before we even knew what the term meant. 

As you already know the Kyocera Echo is the first ever dual-touchscreen smartphone.  It's a flip-phone that instead of producing a QWERTY keyboard or a gaming station (looking at Xperia Play), it gives you another touch screen.  It's like a smaller, HD version  of the Nintendo DS - with 3G, Google android apps and variety of other additional features. 

The best feature of the Kyocera Echo is what is dubbed 'simultasking'.  This is, as I said above, like multitasking but a lot - and I mean a lot - better.  You'll actually be able to run two different programs at the exact same time.  This means that on the top screen you could be watching a YouTube video and on the bottom you could be on Facebook talking about it. 

Another Kyocera Echo Android feature, one that is getting a lot of the buzz, is that the dual-touchscreen technology, you'll be able to turn the mobile phone into a tablet. 

Do you like the idea of two touchscreens?

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More Echo Specifications

  • 1 GB Internal Memory
  • Add additional 32 GB through SD slot
  • 400 x 800 LCD Display

Sprint Echo Specifications

The Kyocera Android phone - also known as the Sprint Echo or just the Echo - has many specs under the hood. Some you'll find familiar of other android phones - which is surprising considering how much a revolution the double screen cell phone is becoming.

Kyocera Echo Specs:

  • 1 GHz Snapdragon Processor
  • Two 3.5 inch touchscreen
  • Simula-tasking, or, Multitasking 2.0
  • 3G
  • Android 2.2 Froyo Processor
  • Google Marketplace

Kyocera Echo Release Date and Price

No set release date for Sprints Echo android phone has been announced yet.  However rumors are that the date will sometime in the late Spring, around the same time an array of smartphones are being released. 

As for the price for the Echo?  Expect something a little less than the iPhone and little more than the Samsung Galaxy S cell phone. 

A List of Kyocera Echo Features

Now that you know the basics of what the Kyocera Echo is going to be all about, it's time you know the rest of the Echo features - because there is a lot.

  • Four Screen Modes: With the Kyocera Echo you use the dual-touchscreen in four different ways. The single screen mode gives you a single screen experience (both of them connected; the multitasking mode allows you to use two apps at once; optimized mode can turn one screen into a keyboard (like when writing emails); and finally, the favorite, the Kyocera Echo tablet mode.
  • Expandable Memory
  • Flash Browsing
  • Personal Sprint Cell Phone Email
  • GPS
  • Sprint TV
  • Bluetooth
  • Accelerometer


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