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LED Flashlights - An Exotic Invention of Science

Updated on July 4, 2016

Maintaining our very existence have become a troubled thing with the depletion of natural resources, renewable energy and the ever-increasing world population that is leading to energy conservation. Thus, we are always on the lookout for the items that are earth friendly and aid in the go green motivation. One such item is the LED Flashlight. The full form of LED is 'Light Emitting Diode' and they are quite different from the usual bulbs that have been into usage for ages.

LED Flashlights are an useful illumination panels
LED Flashlights are an useful illumination panels

My husband is an electronic engineer, and I have seen him working on LED lights based projects. It is amazing to see him working on these unusual projects and I feel awesome to learn significant benefits of these little bulbs. To be honest, before I came in contact with my husband, I always treated these lights as small illumination panels in house. But, today I feel that these little lighting devices are one of those exotic wonders of science to which we owe so much and enjoying its benefits to the optimum.

The great thing is that these LED panels can be used in the forms of bulbs, torches and any other forms of illumination devices.

Let us see some of the valuable advantages of using these LED flashlights -

  • Durability – These flashlights glows in the dark and last longer. These are undoubtedly more durable and reliable compared to traditional flashlights. In the case of emergencies, you can be assured that these lights won’t fail but would relieve darkness in seconds. LED lights are thus used in many kinds of applications today like car escape tools, emergency radios, key-chains, tire pressure gauges, multi-tools, and more.
  • Battery preferences – Usually, an LED flashlight has non-rechargeable batteries, but this kind of set is useful for people who use flashlights sporadically. If you plan to use it for a lengthy span of hours and almost daily, then rechargeable batteries would be a better idea. Please note that small pocket flashlight running on rechargeable batteries would have less intense light output.
  • Can be used anywhere anytime - An LED flashlight emits bright white light in any situation and condition; even during stormy weather when you do not have reliability on power connections. Many people use it for overnight journeys and especially for camping and hiking trips. LED flashlights can be an extremely useful item if kept handy in your bag or car.
  • Economic Option - LED flashlight does not need nearly much electricity similar to the standard bulbs. It actually uses about 50% less power than the general bulbs. They also need smaller, and it can work consistently until 50,000 hours. These flashlights do not get out of order easily if you purchase from a reliable seller. The bulk also does not go out quickly, and you would have enough time to replace it if at all needed before it goes out completely.
  • Lightweight – This pocket-friendly flashlight is available in various sizes; the LED pocket light is the lightest item. You also have them at bigger sizes which are comparatively light weight as to the standard bulbs and torches.

This energy efficient option of lighting has been in use for a pretty long time now and slowly household people are also opting for it as its energy-efficient and use less power. LED flashlights are environment-friendly and probably the best option for lighting during disasters and emergencies. It might be expensive as a one-time investment, but in the long run, it will definitely be more durable and economic giving you the right value for money spent. The light is also six times brighter than a standard flashlight and more convenient to carry and keep handy with yourself.

LED torch lights performs better than traditional torch lights in every way. These are a great investments that serves for several years in the future. Just because these flashlights can perform varied functions, these are getting increasingly popular among the masses.

The great thing about it is that these are pretty comfortable to use and very light in weight. Even the price of these flashlights are affordable and any person with an average income can buy it without giving a second thought.


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