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LED Flashlights VS Traditional Torches

Updated on July 4, 2016

The modern technology has brought us too many things that facilitated our living in numerous ways. For instance the super bright LED flashlights, that look alike the torches are by far the brightest portable source of lighting used widely in many applications. However, these “glow in the dark” LED flashlights comes in many variations and the intensity of light depends on the numbers of LED bulbs fitted in. The unit known as Lumens is used to measure the brightness of an LED flashlight. In the commercial marketplace you get these lights between ten to a hundred lumens of brightness. You can enjoy years of usage without having to replace the LED bulb of these flashlights.

This is how a traditional torch looks like
This is how a traditional torch looks like

I often think that if LED flashlights would not have been in today's scene, we all must be having torches of our grand parents time. I still remember that bulky torch my grandfather used to carry. Undoubtedly, those were solid items they owned during their time, but in today's life things are different. Life is fast and people look or lighter and cost-effective options for every kind of product in the market.

Same is the case with these LED flashlights. These are light in weight, easy to carry and outperforms the traditional torches. Even the price of these lights is something that can be treated as affordable for every middle class household.

LED flashlight - Preferred alternative to traditional torch
LED flashlight - Preferred alternative to traditional torch

It is a proven fact that that LED flashlights are far better than traditional flashlights. Here are some points that say LEDs are to be opted over traditional luminescent flashlights.

  1. Minimal Energy Consumption – The large sized LED flashlights or even the pocket LED light uses just a fraction of the energy as compared to the traditional ones. The older version of torches has a thin wire inside the bulb which is actually needed for light and heat and this wire takes away most of the energy. But in case of LEDs, very less amount of energy losses to heat as no such wire is there. You get the same amount of light but at much less energy consumption.
  2. Much brighter and whiter – Unlike the standard torches, these LED lights produce a brilliant white illumination. The ordinary ones give more of yellow and washed out hue. By using LED flashlight, you can be sure to have a look much farther and clearer.
  3. Bulbs have long life – These LED glow in the dark flashlight use less electricity than the standard bulbs. Thereby, they have much longer life span than incandescent bulbs. While using them in long run, you actually save money on both batteries and for buying replacement bulbs.
  4. Resistant to tough conditions – The ordinary bulbs have a wire filament which is the real light source, but these filaments are fragile and prone to breaking easily; while LED flashlights do not have any such filament and works smoothly even if it accidently falls or stays under pressure and vibrations.
  5. Warm up time not needed – There is a misconception that LED lights need a warm up time to start, however this is not the case LED Flashlights can reach maximum brightness in seconds. Many people get confused between CFL lights and LED lights; CFLs need a warm up time of about a minute to brighten.

and you can find them in variety of colors
and you can find them in variety of colors

The only factor that stands against the favour of LED lights is its cost; it might be a bit expensive as compared to the other forms of lights. However, in long run using these small pocket flashlights can be economical for sure. You don’t have to replace bulbs frequently; neither would you need high energy to get them working. These are long-lasting, reliable, emitting brilliant light under any climatic condition.

The main benefit of LED flashlights is that you are provided with an opportunity to make the best use of these torches. As many of these torches have a battery that has an amazing power backup and can run for hundreds of hours even on single set of batteries. Not only the battery backup is amazing, even the body of the flashlight is durable.

Also, the make of the battery is such that it works the best till the end of it's life. Therefore, it does not get dimmer even when the battery is about to die.


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