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LG KC550 - The Stylish Cheap 5 Mega Pixel Camera Phone

Updated on March 23, 2011

Images of the LG KC550

LG KC550
LG KC550

Background of the LG KC550

LG have been showing off one of their latest consumer delights over the last few weeks, the LG KC550.  The KC550 continues to show off the LG sleek professional style, but yet again they have decided to give the customers what they want.  LG have released this as an amazing Camera Phone at a reasonable price.  

They have achieved this by keeping most things simple, the LG KC550 is quite simply a Camera phone, there is no high speed data connection, and only mediocre web browsing capability.  But this is quite simply because they are not trying to compete here with the internet phones, they are barely phones at all, the camera however is exquisite.

So while the internet browsing is limited, with not even HTML support under it's hood, the actual menu navigation is stunningly simply, you can pick up this phone and within seconds get to what you want, do what you need to do, search your contacts or browse your photos.

The selling point of the KC550 Cell Phone is quite simply the Camera, this camera phone aims to bring high quality camera phones to the general consumer market, LG have promised a huge price reduction to the masses when the phone is finally released to the public!

The LG Camera Phone KC550 comes with a 5 Mega Pixel camera that gives pin point pictures, their high quality mixed with the 5 megapixel resolution gives you the perfect ability to take the pictures you want on the move without having to carry an extra camera around.

The technology that comes with the camera is also top notch and function friendly, an accelerometer turns the screen as you turn the phone so you can take pictures automatically in landscape or portrait.  You also get quick succession multi picture taking, allowing you to take 3, 6 or 9 pictures in quick succession.  Also to improve ease of use that you will see four images show up on the phones d-pad to give you options on things such as macro mode, flash and exposure values.

As always one of the main seeling points of this phone, for me at least, is the beautiful LG Style.  On the LG KC550 I am glad they have stayed with the tried and tested stunning LG looks while building in some fantastic cell phone camera technology.  


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