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Laptop Bags: Anuschka Genuine Leather Hand Painted Laptop Bags

Updated on March 16, 2011


Thank goodness that all laptop bags do not have to look like the typical laptop bag. In fact, some bags such as the Anuschka takes the idea to the extreme. These bags look more like mobile art. Each one is hand painted with original colorful and interesting abstract designs. There are multiple bags available in this line – anything from a standard style laptop case to a Women’s Laptop Organizer Leather Handbag.

All Anuschka bags are made from genuine leather. Each one has organizational features such as pen and pencil slots, expandable pockets, slip pockets, brass key hooks, cell phone pockets, credit card holders and removable laptop cushions. Some styles have adjustable shoulder straps while others have double strap handles with various drop lengths.

A few of the Anuschka laptop bags that are available to own and enjoy are:

  • The first is my personal favorite and surprisingly the least expensive one. The Anuschka Organizer Portfolio Laptop Case measures 16.75” x 12.5” x 2.75”. The zipper wraps all the way around three sides of the case, which makes it so easy to get to what is inside. Inside you will find a full-length zipper pocket as well as two pockets that expand. Your pens will have a home in the built-in pen pocket so no more digging to the bottom of the bag to find one when you need it in a hurry.
  • The Anuschka Laptop Bag is probably the most opposite from the Organizer Portfolio but I like it too. It is simply a different design, which appeals to many people. This Laptop Bag measures 14.5” x 11.5” x 4.5”. You may notice that the major difference is that this bag is thicker and narrower. The large flap covers the top of the bag as well as the front of the bag. Underneath you will find a zipper pocket, 2 expandable pockets, a removable laptop cushion, a cell phone pocket as well as a few other small pockets to be used for incidentals. Another zip pocket is located on the back of the bag, which also includes a separate credit card holder. The single shoulder strap is adjustable to the maximum of 27.5”.
  • The third Anuschka Bag I would like to introduce you is the Classic Laptop Organizer. You could say that this bag is a combination of the other two above. The wrap around zipper pocket is there. Instead of a large (cover it all) flap there is a smaller flap the folds over the top of the front pocket and keeps in closed with a magnetic snap. Inside the bag there are three full expandable pockets, a zipper pocket against the back wall of the bag, a removable credit card holder, and a cell phone pocket. An unexpected surprise is the removable padded laptop sleeve. Matching straps have a drop of 12.5”. That is a great length to tuck under your arm. When sitting on the floor on table the bottom studs will keep the bag protected.

These are not the only designs offered in the Anuschka line of bags but they are a good representation of the line. Each leather bag is hand painted and each one looks beautiful with their colorful abstract designs using brown, orange, aqua, blue, yellow and white paint blended to make unique and eye-catching silhouettes.

You will notice that the video included with this hub is talking about which paint to use when painting a leather jacket. I wanted to include this information for anyone that may be thinking if trying his or her hand at designing his or her own leather laptop case. Personally I would rather just buy it than to try and reproduce it – but we are not all alike so you make the choice. I would love to know which you would prefer.


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