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Laptop Bags: Built NY Neoprene Back Pack for 12" to 17" Laptop Computers

Updated on May 31, 2015


Sometimes a product comes along that defies the typical design rules. That is saying a lot when talking about a backpack. As useful as they are most are not very attractive. Straps and pockets everywhere – bulges and zippers ruining the line of an otherwise great outfit.

An ultra slim backpack sounds like an oxymoron but it is possible. Sure some carrying space has to be sacrificed but honestly space is not always the goal. Just as we streamline an office Built NY has streamlined the backpack. In fact their E-BPM-FOR neoprene ultra slim backpack is perfect for transporting a laptop more than it is for hauling everything that you might ever need (or not) everywhere you go. Just in case you just have to carry more of your stuff there are two smaller pockets. The pocket located on the strap is small so do not expect to load it down with anything larger than an MP3 player or small cell phone.

Some situations require that you do not advertise that you are carrying an expensive piece of eye candy such as a Mac Book Air or a Sony Vaio. So many people carry laptops in non-computer bags now that most any bag is suspect. In a cold climate the E-BPM-FOR could be worn under a jacket for a completely stealth look. In a warm climate the bag would be seen but the close to the body fit would give pause to any gadget thief.

This Built NY backpack design allows for riding a bike, a motorcycle or for a brisk walk to work or to school. Trekking through an airport would be a synch with your laptop snuggly strapped to your back. The neoprene molds to your body somewhat and it can be washed in the event it getting dirty or stained.

The secret is the sternum strap that keeps the straps in place allowing for a unique fit. Whether your body type is petite, average or large there is a choice of two sizes.

This Built NY backpack is rated to fit laptops ranging in size from 12 inches to 17 inches. However, I believe that unless your 17-inch laptop is very thin you will be unhappy with the super snug fit. Neoprene stretches and will eventual “break-in” but it may also have a shorter life span. If you use this backpack as it is intended – a transport bag vs storage bag – chances are you will probably love it!


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