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TSA Approved Netbook Mini Messenger Bag by Solo

Updated on April 27, 2014
Solo TCA511-4 Tech Collection Netbook Mini Instant Messenger Bag (Black)
Solo TCA511-4 Tech Collection Netbook Mini Instant Messenger Bag (Black)
notice: the split design - one pocket for netbook the other for accessories. Bag opens up and lays flat for security check point
notice: the split design - one pocket for netbook the other for accessories. Bag opens up and lays flat for security check point

Netbooks are gaining favor with many mobile computer users. Those of us that depend on our laptops to be there for us while on the go are seriously looking for something a bit smaller, lighter and cheaper. To be perfectly straight forward – I bought a Dell Mini 9 for my writing. I like the SSD because it boots faster and I can carry it, set it down and move it around without shutting it off.

Even though my netbook is touted to be quite durable it would be nice to have a small travel case for it. There is just too much wiggle room inside a larger size laptop case. A too large case is not even good for carrying extra accessories because the extra space is typically on top pf the netbook since most cases are taller than they are wide.

Anyone planning to travel by air will be happiest with a TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) approved netbook case. This approval makes traveling through the airport security much faster and with less stress. Why, you may ask? Simple, the Solo TCA511-4 Tech Collection Netbook Mini Instant Messenger Bag (wow what a name for such a little bag) has the all important designated laptop section.

To be TSA approved there has to be a designated laptop section that it can be x-rayed without any other items to interfere with the inspection.

There is a separate section to carry netbook accessories, files (may be too small for 8.5” x 11” size folders) and other necessities such as CD/DVDs, flash drives and cell phone. The bag is designed to accommodate netbooks 11” and under. The bag’s overall design is completed with the flap that covers the two sections and closes securely in the front.

Other nice features that may not be noticeable at first is the adjustable closing on the front flap, the padded shoulder strap and the stable design that allows it to sit solidly on a desk or tabletop – not to mention on the floor under a desk. My number one requirement is that the bag is as convenient as the netbook is. Looks like it would pass my test.


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    • Clara Ghomes profile image

      Clara Ghomes 

      9 years ago

      Good Hub. Interesting details on laptop bags.


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