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Laptop Bags: Targus Zip-Thru Corporate Traveler Bag is Checkpoint Friendly

Updated on March 15, 2011

The Targus Zip-Thru Corporate Traveler Laptop Case literally splits in half to lay flat. Targus has solved the problem of separating the laptop from the rest of the stuff we carry by placing a zipper between the two major sections of the bag. Zipped the bag looks like any other laptop bag, unzipped it looks quite different.

Traveling with a laptop is getting easier. I know - that is really good news. The secret is in the laptop bag. As long as the laptop compartment is void of everything except the laptop and can be sent through the x-ray scanner your trip through the security line goes much faster.

Other than making your travel easier the most important function of a laptop bag is to protect the laptop. Targus has included the SafePort Air Cushion System to reduce damaging bumps that could wreck your life by disabling your laptop when you need it the most. Tossing the bag into an overhead compartment or stuffing it under the airplane seat is not in the “how to take care of your laptop” book.

No one wants a lot of extra weight to carry around. After loading the bag with everything that we might need we do not want the bag itself to be too heavy. This bag weighs less than 4 pounds due to its lightweight yet strong denier nylon fabric. The cushioning system mentioned before and the adjustable cushions that adapts to a smaller than 15.4” laptop does not add much weight.

You know that no matter how lightweight the bag is you will keep adding stuff until it is heavy. Targus know that too so they added a cushioned shoulder strap designed to sit perfectly on your shoulder. I believe they call that ergonomic. I appreciate the non-slip feature myself.

As I said before – the Targus Zip-Thru Corporate Traveler Laptop Case is much like any other. There is a zip-down organization pocket for keys, pens, cards, airline tickets and miscellaneous gadgets. There is a section designed to carry files. Where it differs from other laptop bags is that it zips open, lays flat and qualifies as a Checkpoint Friendly laptop bag making it easier to move through airport security.

Go ahead – take all of that other stuff with you too – just don’t pack it in the designated laptop pocket.


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