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Laptop Computers on the GO vs Desktop Replacements

Updated on March 19, 2011

With the enormous selection of laptops on the market priced any where from approximately $400.00 to over $3,000.00 most anyone that wants a laptop can have one. Super price conscious consumers should search out rebate offers and discounts available through internet shopping.

Laptop computers have gained extreme popularity over the last several years due to their increased computing power and their lower prices. A moderately priced laptop is typically equipped with a large hard drive (80+GB), RAM (1GB) and processor speed (Dual-Core) to rival many desktop. Features such as wireless networking and multiple media abilities make laptops popular with anyone young or old.

Choosing a laptop is difficult if you only look at the big picture. Laptops come in many sizes and include many different options. There is no need to pay big bucks for options that you will not use. Decide in advance how you will use a laptop. Are you a road warrior or are you looking for a desktop replacement?

HP Pavilion hdx review

HP Pavilion hdx


Road Warriors typically carry their laptops with them everywhere. Items like commuting bags become one of the most important accessories. The bag should be stylish yet functional. The weight of the bag has to be considered since the laptop itself may weigh from 3 pounds to over 8 pounds. That is not counting the cords, mice and all other laptop accessories that have to be kept at you fingertips. I carry my 3 pound - 11.1 inch Sony Vaio TX650P with me. The battery life is around 4 hours so in most cases I do not have to carry anything else with me. My bag is actually a leather purse that has a wide open design.

  • Will you carry it with you? - consider the weight, screen size and battery life
  • Will you connect to wireless networks? - Consider Wi-Fi and onboard mobile cell connection
  • Will you surf the net? - Consider the speed
  • Will you watch movies? - Consider the speed, Ram, battery life and built in DVD

Keeping your laptop safe is of utmost importance. If it is stolen you not only loose the laptop you loose your data. So that means you have to be realistic about yourself to realize how attached to the computer you are willing to be.

Desktop replacements are another story completely. Although they are still technically a laptop, they are often so large that no one would want to carry them along everywhere. They are great for users that want a computer in the room but not one that takes up half the room. A small desktop is sufficient.

Desktop replacement laptops offer near desktop performance. They will typically have components that compete closely with a desktop. The monitor is typically large - ranging from 17 to 21+ inches. One example is the HP Pavilion hdx. With a 20 inch monitor, a 400GB hard drive, 4GB Ram and an ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card there is not much that cannot be accomplished.

Gamers like this machine due to its powerful performance and the high end mobile graphics card.

Visit several stores to see and touch the laptops. Decide which one feels good and then consider the above points.




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    • bluerabbit profile image


      10 years ago

      Nice overview!

      As a writer, I suggest considering a Neo portable word processor from Alphasmart. It gets more than 700 hours on three AA cells and is light as a feather. Files transfer to any open word processing document in seconds. Under $300.

      I also have a laptop for delivering Powerpoint presentations and processing my pictures on long trips. At home, my desktop rocks. Different strokes, as they say.

    • Dumbledore profile image

      This Old Guy 

      10 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio

      My wife just bought me a new notebook for our 10th anniversary so I can write more. I love it.

    • Jason Stanley profile image

      Jason Stanley 

      10 years ago

      I have a friend who is a hybrid - and it makes me weary just watching him lug his stuff around. He has a "laptop" that is huge and weighs a ton. While working on that large screen is pretty cool, I'm not sure it is worth effort.

      Breaking it down as you have, road warrior and desktop replacement makes it pretty clear. I just thought I was being lazy or cheep because I did not want to get into bigger and bigger and bigger lap tops. Good distinction, and good hub.


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