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Prevent Laptop Overheating: Laptop Cooling Pads

Updated on September 25, 2015

Overheating Laptops

Laptops carry similar power as your average desktop computer, so when having all that power combined with the USB drives, ports, CD and disk drives, and other drives and portals, laptops can get pretty hot.

I know when sitting on the bed watching a movie and working on my old Toshiba laptop, I usually needed a pillow to help buffer the heat after an hour or so. The same goes for my new Inspirion Dell laptop.

Overheating can be bad for your laptop. It can cause your laptop to automatically shut down, which can cause you to lose all the hard work that you've spent working on.

Laptop Overheating

Your laptop can be more susceptible for overheating if:

  • You work in direct sunlight for prolong periods of time.
  • You have the AC adapter plugged in to charge the laptop while you work.
  • You haven't cleaned the laptop of dust and debris, as this buildup can cause problems in the interior of the laptop, causing it to overwork.
  • You leave the laptop on overnight.
  • You leave the laptop in a prolonged hibernation state.
  • You leave the laptop in the car or in front of a window before you use it.

Make sure to clean the laptop on a regular basis to prevent dust and debris from building up under the laptop's keys and in the driver and ports.

Never work in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

Remember to properly shut down the laptop overnight and when you're not using it.

Laptop Cooling Pads

By purchasing a laptop cooling pad, you can help prevent your laptop from overheating, which will help prevent losing your work and getting overly frustrated and stressed.

* Tip- In order to keep to your deadlines, make sure to constantly save your updates, so if your laptop overheats and shuts off, you won't lose your work.

The laptop cooling pads are pretty neat computer accessories that tend to contain at least one fan that helps to disperse the heat build up.

Choosing a laptop cooling pad

There are different brands, styles, and types of cooling pads to choose from, so when looking at them, you want to make sure to get the best for your buck.

The DataStor Notebook Cooling Pad is probably one of the best laptop cooling pads that you can find. It has three fans, versus the average two fans. The pad plugs straight into your USB port, and disperses the heat buildup in the laptop. The cooling pad, also, has your comfort in mind, as it cools your legs when working with your laptop in your lap.

The Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand has a unique ergonomic feature to help reduce wrist and neck strain when working long hours on your laptop. Again, the cooling stand plugs into the USB port, so you don't have to worry about a bulky AC adapter or extra battery cord. The cooling stand measures 12.6 x 11.6 x 1 inches.

The Targus Notebook Chill Pad has two fans that pull the heat away from the laptop to prevent overheating. This chill pad protects your entire workspace by lessening the heat that your laptop emits. Because excess heat can damage furniture, this laptop cooling pad reduces the risk to furniture, which also, means that it reduces the amount of heat on your lap if you choose to work with your laptop in your lap. The Chill Pad plugs into your USB port and has a cool on/off feature.

Homemade Laptop Cooling System

Dell Laptop Explodes


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    • profile image

      brad 7 years ago

      putting it on a pillow will CAUSE the overherating!

    • profile image

      mrcheaplaptops 8 years ago

      Excellent looking piece of kit we are living in exceptional times

      thanks for sharing

    • Lena M. profile image

      Lena M. 8 years ago from Toronto

      I find that after any considerable amount of time (half an hour, maybe), my cheap Dell laptop starts to overheat. I usually have my laptop with me on the couch when I'm watching tv, and I always have to put a pillow between my lap and the laptop or else it just.. doesn't work, haha.

      I have this hope that one day technology will produce unoverheatable laptops. In the mean time I'm going to try to find a good cooling pad.

      Great hub!

    • hsofyan profile image

      hsofyan 8 years ago from Indonesia

      If you do not have a pad, it's good wedge the bottom of the laptop, so that the air circulation going.

      Best regards

    • profile image

      Dell PA 10 Laptop Adapter 9 years ago

      Great hub and some awesome solutions. Thx for the info! :)

    • itcoll profile image

      itcoll 9 years ago

      wow.i never thought some cool solutions were available.there are so many news coming up stating that they are bad when we place them on our laps especially[ to our reproductive organs ] .so these will be helpful.thx a lot :)

    • betherickson profile image

      betherickson 9 years ago from Minnesota

      Good to know. Think I need to get one of this. I had an experience one time that my laptop without a reason just shutdown. I thought it was a virus or something that made it turn off. I just remembered the bottom part of my laptop was heating so hot. I just ignored it. Good thing I read this hub. Thanks. Thumbs up for a grat information. :)

    • Happy 1 profile image

      Happy 1 9 years ago from Hawaii

      Great info, thanks.

      I thought I turned off the computer, but it went into a prolonged hibernation our laptop is not working anymore,it cost too much to fix, it is sad .

    • The Book Garden profile image

      The Book Garden 9 years ago

      Love the flow chart!

      My laptop used to get pretty hot and shut down whilst playing high demand games on it, since getting one of these I've had no problem!

    • cgull8m profile image

      cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

      Great Hub, very useful information. I am planning to buy one, I will definitely buy one of these. Tha

    • Francesrose profile image

      Francesrose 9 years ago

      Thanks for the information. I have a desktop and didn't realize that laptops could overheat. If I buy a lapton I will take your advise.