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Laptop Rental Options Review

Updated on June 4, 2011

laptop rental

A laptop rental is a relatively new concept that has been very useful for many professionals. Although nowadays it is easier than ever to buy a laptop, there are some situations in which is still important to have a laptop to which you can have access in case you cannot use your own laptop.

There are many situations in which a rental laptop would be very useful. First, consider that accidents may happen.

For example, it is not uncommon that a laptop can be damaged during a travel. It has happened to me and to many of my colleges. For example, one of my friends had to stop a business travel because he spilt coffee all over his laptop. Needless to say that the laptop main board had to be replaced, because it is so difficult to repair a laptop that has been damaged in this way.

Rental Options

With a laptop rental option, however, anyone can have access to a new laptop when that becomes necessary. In the case that I just mentioned, a laptop rental system would be a prime option in order to avoid the loss of time during an important business travel.

Of course, even if you have access to a laptop rental, it is still important to have a laptop backup system, because otherwise you won’t be able to access the information stored in your laptop. However, it is pretty easy to setup a backup system to your laptop that will make life easy, even if you are in a situation where you laptop failed inexpectedly.

Laptop Rental Options

Frankly, it is not so straightforward to find a laptop rental company that will satisfy all your needs during a trip. It depends in what area of the country you are going, and it can become a challenge especially if you are travelling overseas.

Most of the company that provide laptop rental options have several plans that you can use to pay for the service. For example, you can use a laptop rental plan where you pay by the hour. Some companies have started to provide this service, the last time I searched it on the web.

Another possibility is to get a laptop rental company that will charge by the day. For example, if you go for a week travel to New York, you may want to make sure that you can use a plan for just the days in which you will be in the city.

With the current competition for laptop rentals, it has become quite common to decide on the type of payment plan, as well as the exact type of machine that you want to use.

What Machines are Available as Laptop Rentals?

Most machines are targeted at the business user. As I mentioned above, most of the use cases of laptop rentals are targeted to business users that will use the laptop during one week or less, or maybe for just a few hours, depending on the required use.

However, a few laptop rental companies have started to provide gaming laptops, that is, laptops with a gaming configuration for video game enthusiasts. Many of these companies have been pretty successful lately, due to the popularity of games.

Again, users of rental gaming laptops are mostly people travelling, and away from their main machine. However, when necessary it is pretty sweet to have a good laptop that you can use reliably.


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