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How to Make and Use Laptop Skins

Updated on October 30, 2012

When you create your own laptop skins, you do more than just make a cool design for your computer. You create something which reflects your own identity. Self-expression is an important tool that relates to many bigger concepts in the world including freedom, inspiration and diversity. You might think that producing laptop skins is just fun but it's actually a way to tell the world what you're all about. Because of that, you should definitely look in to the different methods of producing laptop skins and determine which are most likely to give you the full extent of creative self-expression. Of course, you'll still want to work to keep your costs down and you'll probably want to produce laptop skins in the way that's easiest for you. After all, self-expression should be fun, not a hassle!

One of the ways in which you can easily create laptop skins is to use a software program or online company which is designed to facilitate making your own laptop skins. Some companies out there which crate laptop skins of their own also allow you to create your own design through them. For example, Schtickers lets you easily create laptop skins using their online iCreate Laptop Skins lab. Basically you just open up an account, upload a photo and add the other things that you want such as text, backgrounds and graphics. You can fool around with the online program until you're satisfied with what you want. Then they'll do all the work of actually producing the laptop skins.

Of course, if you want to go with a more DIY approach than this for producing laptop skins, you can do that as well. Laptop skins are basically a vinyl sticker that you can add to your laptop. You can get your hands on this material and then let your imagination soar as you craft it to the design that you want. You can add fabric, use stencils to create designs and otherwise alter the material to send the message that you want to send with your laptop. If you have a sticker making machine, that can also be used in the process of creating laptop skins. You'll need to measure everything out to make sure that you've got the right sticker size to create a laptop skin, but basically this is just an advanced version of the way that you use to decorate your notebooks when you were a kid.

Laptop skins are a form of self expression that are just getting popular here in the United States. As their popularity increases, the options for how to make your own laptop skins will increase as well. In the meantime, most people are just going with the option of ordering existing laptop skin designs from the companies which produce them. You can be more individualistic than that by tapping in to your creative side and creating your own laptop skins. Whether you do this through a company that lets you create your own designs or you actually go through the process of hunting down the right kind of vinyl and going the DIY route, you'll be able to know at the end of the day that your laptop says something personal to the world.


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    John Tanner 6 years ago

    Hey Kathryn great post I love skins to especially ones I can customize myself for my phones. I found a few more options at

    Check it out!

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    rohit  7 years ago


    all friends can buy laptop skins from wonder

  • profile image

    Evan 8 years ago


    Very nice skins.

    I also bought a nice skin from But your are really beautiful.


  • profile image

    Guillermo Olivera 8 years ago

    Dear all, does anybody knows about where to buy the machine and materials for doing laptop skins?

  • laptopexpert profile image

    laptopexpert 8 years ago from USA

    I choose some of these exelent skins. Thank you

  • profile image

    tony 8 years ago

    nice skins also check out VideoGame Skins

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    mrcheaplaptops 8 years ago

    Excellent looking piece of kit we are living in exceptional times

    thanks for sharing

  • profile image

    Skin care 8 years ago

    above two skins are really cool.

  • batty12345 profile image

    batty12345 8 years ago from UK

    I used to be fascinated by skins, until they started making laptops in pink - it's my favorite color mmmmm.....

  • profile image

    laptop chick 9 years ago

    the gel skins have come so far - I used to think I would never have one . now I see one I want every day

  • profile image

    jenstar 9 years ago

    Hi Kathryn - enjoyed your hub page, well written!

  • SagaciousScribe profile image

    SagaciousScribe 10 years ago

    To some the use of laptop skins is frivolous vanity, to others an expression of individuality and creativity. Great article.

  • profile image

    enna 10 years ago

    Hi Kathryn I share your fascination with laptop skins. Have look at my page too? Just started it though

  • perfumer profile image

    perfumer 10 years ago from California

    Hi Kathryn,

    Thank you for creating this hub.

    Very useful info!