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Laptops: Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Mini-Notebook Review

Updated on March 15, 2011

In the world of ultra mobile computing the Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Mini-Notebook is a real cutie. I know that “cutie” is not a very technical term but it is true. There is a black version that looks less cute and more business-like and the special tokidoki design which any young at heart kid would love.

That is just the outside. The inside is pretty special too. Starting with the convertible 5.6” touchscreen the LifeBook U820 shows that this ultra-mobile is different than any other on the market. Sony has an ultra mobile that has a touchscreen that slides up revealing the tiny keyboard. Samsung has an ultra mobile that has a touchscreen located between a tiny “split” keyboard. Personally I like the LifeBook because it looks and acts most like a typical laptop – only smaller. Honestly, most of the time we use our laptops by sitting them on a flat surface in front of us.


It is important to remember that ultra mobile mini-notebooks do not perform like a full-size laptop. The Intel Atom Z530 Processor is adequate but it will be slower than what you may be used to with an Intel Core Duo for example. The same Windows Vista that slows down all systems is installed on these ultra mobile computers as well.

Productivity is more than possible on the LifeBook U820. The 120GB hard drive has more than adequate space to run any productivity software including those found in the Windows Office Suite. A 4-cell lithium ion battery provides enough power to get most projects completed.


Online access is abundant. WiFi, AT&T integrated Broadband and Ethernet are options to get online and built-in Bluetooth connects you with other devices as well. Take advantage of online connectivity by visiting with your friends and family or get some work done while on the go.

Wish you had a GPS? If you have a LifeBook U820 you have one. A GPS receiver is built-in and gives you the navigation experience close to a stand-alone GPS.

Set aside some time to talk to strangers because wherever you are people will want to see what you are using. Most will have never seen a LifeBook U820 Mini-Notebook so you will be giving them their first glance. In the event that the tiny 1.32 pound U820 got into the wrong hands they could not get any further then the Fingerprint Sensor.



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