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LastPass - A Program With Terrifying Global Significance

Updated on April 28, 2012


Lass Pass - Potential for Good, Potential for Abuse


I got used to a lot of things that were new and didn’t happen back when Windows ’98 was the Windows everyone was using, and Windows 2000 was so new, that even at Computer Repair Tech school, there was not a copy of Windows 2000 for everyone to learn on. In fact, back then, we had no clue what virus protection was. How we coped with having no virus protection was by learning to save our important stuff to a floppy disk.

But times have changed. The Internet has grown, people get viruses because they don’t use Anti-Virus protection and they don’t know the rules about how you shouldn’t click on links from anything less than an entirely reputable source.

And people, including me, have changed the way they do business and handle their daily lives. As a result, people have an increased number of online accounts and increased need for Security. And as a result of that change in history, people have an increased need for a handy way to remember their passwords. Here is where LassPass comes in.

I learned a LONG time ago to be wary of people who want to give you free anything. Free advice, free software, free games, free productivity tools, etc. Some free stuff is actually useful and productive, while other free stuff actually compromises your freedom. That’s what scares me about LassPass.

In case you don’t know, LassPass is a program that remembers your passwords for you. It claims, and probably does, store them on a secure server for you. But is this the Beast of the Bible? I got to thinking. What if everybody in the world got so lazy they didn’t want to bother with emailing to retrieve their lost passwords, so they all got “free” LassPass to remember their passwords for them? And what if, one day, without warning, without suspicion, ALL THE ACCOUNTS IN THE WORLD were suddenly LOCKED.

When I first read the diaries of Hitler, and began to understand how he worked, I quickly discovered a few things. Hitler began to market his ideas before the ideas were reality. I am not going to get into “anti-Illuminati” thinking here. What I want to warn the world about is the potential that LassPass has to do good, or the potential for someone to abuse and destroy the world as we know it.

I’m not the only one with my eye on LassPass. In the illustration below, which I took directly from the LassPass forum website, by using FastStone Capture, you will notice that the users include two very significant entities: Yahoo bots, and Google bots. There are only five other users in the whole room. I don’t want to post a link, because I am writing this article on 02/07/2011. Instead, I took a clipping of the top and bottom of the page so you can see that I am telling the truth.

Am I saying not to use LassPass? If not too many people use it, it will not become a global threat. But LassPass is marketing to Corporations. It is free for individuals to use. I am not sure if Corporations have to pay for it, but on their Home Page, LassPass talks about how it will save companies money because their employees will not waste time manually logging into sites. Yikes! What if the government starts using it? What if all the businesses in the world start using it? What if individuals, who are sick of having to write down their passwords start using it? If that happened, this single entity would soon own all the passwords in the world by “helping” you.

Now I am not saying LassPass actually WILL be abused, but the potential for it is there. And once I went into the forum, where somebody is worried about security, strange things were installed onto my computer, without my knowledge or consent, only I immediately recognized the changes, and went into my registry and deleted them manually, after exhausting all other efforts to delete new software, extensions, etc., on my computer automatically, But I’ve been a repair tech for years. I watch my cookies, and I watch for changes that I didn’t do.

What am I saying? It is NOT a good idea for all of the passwords in the world to be stored, online, by a single corporation, especially one that is free and everyone is tempted to use. In fact, I didn’t even install LassPass on my computer. It IS a solution, but if you read the diaries of Hitler, you will see that is precisely how he gained so much control – he started out as a solution to a problem, and people didn’t seem to see, until it was too late, that his solution had the potential for abuse. If one man could do that much damage, just think what a whole corporation with all the world’s passwords could do to our world.


Something new I discovered: upon closer inspection, LassPass is NOT at the domain "" but with a slightly altered name that makes it harder for people to find. Why is this?

If you click on that link, and then look at the associated URL, you will see that they DON"T match. This is ALWAYS a bad means the site is sending you somewhere else before it send you to its site.




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